Lately, I have been playing a lot of Overwatch.

Specifically, I’ve been playing a lot of D.Va – the combination of jump jets, shields, and rapid fire shotguns fit my style of “get in, wreck shit, get out”. Oh, and she can self-destruct her mech. Because piloting a Giant Death Machine with twin shotguns wasn’t enough, I also get to turn the mech into a room-clearing bomb.

Anyway, D.Va’s character profile says she’s a former pro-gamer turned mech pilot, which led to a lot of fan art characterizing her as a Doritos-eating, Mountain Dew-chugging gremlin:

By itself, Gremlin D.Va was pretty funny, but Blizzard decided to make it canon with a new emote (currently available in the PTR):

Doritos for the Dorito god. Dew for the Dew Throne.

Are we back?

Are we back online? I think we’re back online.

Sorry for the hiatus! I have no idea why we went offline or why we came back, but we’re back!

I think.

Some of my playlists

I often get asked:  “How do you survive with only 23 playlists on Spotify?”.    I’m not sure because that is only the public playlists.  Behold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Some of my playlists… too big to screen on this shit resolution – 1366×768.  Yes I save albums as playlists as my to-be-listened to pile.

Demon’s Souls.

Yet another item not on my original list:


Demon’s Souls will replace Dark Souls 2 on my list.   I can’t believe I BEAT IT! I only died 51,483 times.


  • Class:  Solider
  • Level: 71
  • Weapon: +4 Crushing Battle Axe (I couldn’t find a Pure Greystone, alright!)
  • Strategy:  Lots of Warding and Old Spice.


After thoughts:

Do I like it more than Dark Souls?  Maybe.  Both have similar gameplay, fun levels, interesting enemies, and great bosses.  World 5 was the only area that was lacking, and I saw it as a proto-Blightown.   Will I NG+?  Probably not, too many other things worth doing.   And I have 100k souls I don’t want to lose!   Just like all the other souls games, worth it!  So go play’em.







LPI Level 1 Exam 101

Passed…..barely.  Got 590 out of 800.   Which isn’t that great, but…. got a pass!

echo ‘590/800’ | bc -l


Linux vi tricks for converting vertical lists to horizontal comma separated lists

:: Linux vi tricks for converting vertical lists to horizontal comma separated lists ::

I have recently found that I need to do this almost every day. Here’s my little note on how I can do this quickly in vi.

First take your list of files vertically sorted and open them in vi.

#> vi myfile.txt

Next, tack on a comma to the end of each line with this vi command:


Which gives you this:

Once you have all your lines ending in a comma, remove all the line breaks from the end of each line with this vi command:


Which gives you this:



I have been using this mostly for converting lists of IP addresses to comma separated for use in Linux Fabric scripts.



Yay! Kingdom Builder for #GameNight !

Yay! Kingdom Builder for GameNight!
Tonight the fnlinux.com crew plays a new game. Naucum picked up a copy at Salt lake Gaming Con last week.


Game Night Begins!

Hot in the action!


FalseFlag for the win!

FalseFlag for the win!

FalseFlag (Orange) for the win!


Yay Linux! Using tar to pull and compress a directory from a remote server

#### Using tar to pull and compress a directory on a remote server. ####

I have a remote server which has /u01 and /u02 mount points on it. This server keeps dying before the night DBA can get into it to grab files for a rebuild.

I wanted to pull down both the /u01 and /u02 directories, to preserve them. I initially used rsync for it’s “restartable” characteristics. This didn’t do what I wanted as far as preserving permissions, so I decided to use the tar utility. The remote server does not have enough free space on it to create the tar and then copy it off. So I used tar and ssh to compress, pull down and create the tar.gz on my local machine.

After looking around and finding a bunch of to complicated solutions, I came upon a simpler command string.

So this is what I did.
(Kev, remember this as it is useful!)


ssh root@srv03 ‘tar cvfz – /u01’ > /kftmp/srv03_u01/srv03_u01.tgz


Since the was a directory that my regular use does not have full access to I did have to enable root ssh. This was disabled right after the transfer.

I ended up with a tar gz file on my local system which, while owned by me, had preserved the file ownership and permissions of the original /u01 file system.

root@SoftKitty:/kftmp# ls -lh srv03_u01/
total 396M
-rw-rw-r– 1 kfitzgerald kfitzgerald 395M Aug 3 17:38 srv03_u01.tgz

Yay Linux!
K-Dog. The_Kev

Books of 2015 Update!

Update of my previous post and how I’m not even close to it. Dragon Reborn is going off the list because,…624 pages.

Great Hunt – Done!

This took me quite a long time, I had a 2 or 3 month break where I stopped reading.  Woof.  ( Also you can buy this online at Walmart for 24$.  WHY! ).  Maybe a more complete review later.

Late addition:  Howl’s Moving Castle – Done!

Much easier YA read that flew by.   The movie ends a bit different, but I like both.  Meow.

.zip lines

Warning: This has nothing to do with tech or games or linux. Or zip files. I lied in the title.

I did the Bearclaw Zip Tour at Sundance Resort earlier this week, and I just wanted to share this video I made:

1.8 miles of line, 2100 feet of vertical drop. Four spans, plus a demo span I didn’t record (because it’s like 10′ above the ground). If you’re ever in the SLC area, go check it out.