FNL Drinkablity Score

This is the spot for naucum to detail and explain the FNL Drinkablity Score for us.

Naucum — Could you please make us up a post?… Please!! Please with Rainbow Sherbert on top!! We’re all dying to know the deep analytical research that went into the creation of the “Drinkablity Score” and the research methods leveraged to obtain the drinkablity score of a game or a nerd convention or an FNL Adventure! What qualifies as a 2 Drinker and what qualifies at a 6 Drinker? Inquiring minds want to know.

Here’s the basic breakdown:

1/6 beers  = Needs lots of brain power and attention span. Lots of bits, rules, etc. Example: Terra Mystica
2/6 beers  = Risk Legacy ??
3/6 beers  = Dominion / Settlers of Catan
4/6 beers  = Wrath of Ashardalon (D&D Board Game)
5/6 beers  = Dungeon
6/6 beers  = Needs little brain power and less attention. You can basically play as long as you can add up to the number 13. Example: Zombie Dice



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