Forward Slash

Forward Slash: Def: the mark which you make by putting a pencil tip on paper and then moving it Forward and Up. Example:  /


  1. falseflag says:

    What are you, some kind of heathen? You start at the top and draw it down and back.

    It does lean forward, though.

  2. No, you start at the bottom (on Earth) and draw it up (into Heaven). That way the baby angels sing every time you / !

  3. nathanthefake says:

    Well my links don’t work in here yet


    What about whack and backwhack?

    • falseflag says:


    • Whack? No way- have you ever heard of a website called No, I don’t think so. Wack is what you have if you are an uncool rapper or breakdancer in the 1980’s. Slash is what you have on the Linux Command Line. Long live !