Angry, Young, and Poor (or some combination thereof)

After nathanthefake started calling every punk band I listen to Blink-182 or The Bouncing Souls, I made a playlist for him of my favorite punk bands (and Rancid, I guess). Now you can listen to it, too.

And yes, it’s heavy on Fat Wreck Chords bands.

Also, you should check out this A-F Records compilation album. There’s some good bands on there.

All my best friends are metalheads


  1. nathanthefake says:

    I think Suicide [girls] machines was my fav.

    • falseflag says:

      Bouncing Souls and Propagandhi are my favorites on that list, I think.

      I wanted to include this song but it’s not on Spotify for some reason. I like how Propagandhi doesn’t bother with the usual verse/chorus structure – they’re basically three minute rants set to music. Every album from Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes onward has been excellent.

      Or A Speculative Fiction. Solid track.