FantasyCon 2014, Part 1

FantasyCon 2014. Salt Lake City, Utah

Who woudda thunk that lil old Salt City could be hosting a gathering of internationally renowned fantasy actors? Not you? Yeah well me neither, but here it is. Lord of The Rings, Stargate, Dr. Who, Firefly and others.

Thursday was Day One for FantasyCon. Thanks to a good friend, I got stoked out with a free Thursday pass. Since I work within walking distance of the Con, I was able to sneak outta work early and head over.

The Highlight of the evening for me was the “Middle-Earth Kickoff”. This was a relaxed panel of over 20 people. The crew from were all there along with a whole host of Dwarves. Dwalin, Balin, Gimli were only a few. It was really nice to hear them all speak about their experiences acting and working on LoTR. They were all in great spirits and were cracking jokes and clowning around a bit.




I only had a brief time to cruise the booths, but one artist in particular caught my eye. Justin Mayhew and his The Demons of Corrath art. I was surprised and happy to hear that his art is created right in Spanish Fork, Utah. I am definitely looking to pick up some of his artwork this weekend.

More updates later,