Salt Lake ComicCon: The FalseFlag review

All four of us went to Salt Lake ComicCon! Naucum took a bunch of pictures, so I imagine she’ll post them (I only took one picture of nathanthefake eating lunch, which I sent to naucum while she was trapped in a panel). In typical falseflag fashion, here is my terrible convention review:

Thursday’s line fiasco was awful – rumor was they were still trying to get people checked in at 7:30pm, even though the vendor floor closed at 8. I liked the smaller crowd. I bought a bunch of merch from Weta Workshop and Steamcrow, saw Cary Elwes and Ron Perlman. The Spike and Mike panel bombed out with technical difficulties, and we left after the third time the video glitched out.

Friday was probably the best day. Bruce Campbell and Alan Tudyk probably had the best panels of the convention, mostly because they did something other than the usual Q&A (Campbell exclusively interviewed random audience members, and Tudyk did “you ask me one, I ask you one” and gave out a bunch of free shit to everyone who came up). As cool as it was to see Patrick Warburton, I was a little disappointed that most of the questions came from little kids asking about his Disney movies. Lines were getting bigger, though, and most of the south ballroom lines turned into a massive door-rushing horde. Bought some art from Cody Vrosh and the Stripped comic documentary DVD. Lost my Fitbit Flex.

Saturday was just too busy, although I got to waltz right in with my Wristband of Line Skipping (Gold pass). I saw the lines for the south ballroom and decided I’d just go to smaller panels. They had a BSG 10th Anniversary panel which was good, but James Edward Olmos and Aaron Douglas were both here for FanX – it would have been nice to have cast members on it. Naucum got briefly locked out when she stepped out of the building for a minute, only to discover the fire marshal had declared we were at capacity and no re-entry was allowed (you know those scenes in zombie movies where there’s a horde of zombies pressed up against the glass doors of a mall, trying to get in? Everyone outside looked like that.) The vendor floor was too crazy to want to hang out in, so I bought nothing.

TL;DR: Thursday was good if you could get in, Friday was awesome, and I think I could have skipped Saturday and been okay with it.