Abstinence (Or: Replacing One Addiction With Another)

Recently I talked about my Doctor Who and Terraria addictions – you’ll be proud to know that I’m four days clean, with the exception of taking an hour to watch the latest Doctor Who episode (which I thought was alright, but The Internet vehemently disagrees with me). I’ve broken free of the cycle of abuse! I’m free!

…except I replaced both of those with new things.


“Let’s get re-chard-ed in here!”

Unfortunately, I missed the background noise that the Doctor and his companion(s) provided, and started watching Parks and Recreation again. Netflix said I’d stopped watching somewhere in Season 3, so that’s where I picked back up… and marathoned through the end of Season 6 (seriously, the S6 finale was beautiful, and I’m looking forward to the final season).

I also played a few hours of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance with some coworkers. If you haven’t played it, it’s worth checking out (SupCom and Forged Alliance are $20 on Steam) – it’s somewhere between StarCraft’s spacey combat and Rise of Nation’s giant map size. Fortunately, I am terrible at it, so I can’t marathon long sessions. Games also take like an hour or more, and frankly, I don’t have the patience to get my ass kicked non-stop for that long.


This was my actual battle strategy

And then a friend got me into World of Tanks, a massive online game about… well, tank combat. As it turns out, I am also bad at this – at one point, I drove my tank directly into the center of a lake and drowned. I’m not sure what I expected to happen – it turns out the lake is deep enough to submerge my tiny T1 Cunningham, and that T1 Cunningham tanks don’t have snorkels.



  1. nathanthefake says:

    Tank water landing! ..should… should you be driving a motorcycle?

    At the rate I’m going, I watch parks and rec slower on Netflix than it comes out on actual TV.

    (Thank You Chrome For Capitalizing Netflix)