Mc Chris Bundle


Mc chris arrives and you start “shuckin the jive”

Just got my mcchris Foreverrr Mega Pack/Bundle in the mail.

Inhale, Exhale, just got Chris in the Mail!

This sweet bundle came with mc chris’ newest album “Foreverrr”. It is a fun album themed around spooky things like ghosts and Ghostbusters. Favorite songs are “Giving up the Ghost” which is his EDM-style autobiographical about giving up herb, his great song about falling in love with Wednesday Adams, appropriately named Wednesday and his tribute to the wizard character class.

Also included were 2 mc pins, a hoody, a poster and a sweet book bag which will serve me well at nerd conventions.






  1. nathanthefake says:

    Whoa, mega pack for real. *Addams.

  2. Ooooooo! It is spooky, I like it 😀