The making of a great post

True grace.. well trained.. *A good understanding of technique[…]but not standing out*. My most recent post is certainly this. Let’s go into the making of this amazing post and what made it great:

1. American Psycho underlying theme. Even acquisition was spelled wrong to match the typo in the movie.

2. Screenshots… IN GAME!

3. Frequent reboots from Linux to Windows to do things my minimal install can’t handle… Like resizing images, or exporting to jpeg from gimp. Windozes so lame! Nod to naucum for making the watermark in her functional GIMP install in Windows 8.1 (HISS!)

4. That jump was only my second try!


Yeah FNLINUX! F12 F12 F12 … I’ll bounce I have 160 HP! F12 F12 F12

unnamed (1)


unnamed (2)

171! What’s that underneath…a thanksgiving turkey?…oh nope just my vanity copper suit…. and my head. F12 F12 F12


*Credit to Anus/DeathMetal


  1. falseflag says:

    I have rocket boots (which let you fly for ~2 seconds) and cloud in a jar (which lets you double jump), which means I can now naturally jump high enough to cause fall damage.

    In the hour I’ve had both of them, I’ve killed myself twice flying off ledges.

  2. At first I was all “Circlejerking, we are,” and then I couldn’t comment because I was crying, doubled over in laughter. Jesus Shit this is funny.