Wee Ones for the Weekend from LoneGunmanGames.com

I know what I’m doing this weekend. I had hoped to have a batch of goblins to paint up.
That’s not happening, but thanks to the speedy service of James at LoneGunmanGames.com I have a whole batch of other 15mm fun stuff to paint. Amazon Bow Maidens, Sword Maidens, Queens and Wolfen Archers and Swordsmen. Wow, that’s about fifty 15mm minis all told. The Wolfen guys already come with a pretty nice 10×10 square base. The Amazon Queens have a much smaller rounded base, so I’ll probably make some custom bases for them. I hope to get them cleaned, based and primed soon. That way I’ll have ’em all ready for paint by the weekend. These will go nicely with my Wolfen Lords that I picked up a couple of weeks ago.

Below left is a finely detailed Wolfen Lord from Lone Gunman. On the right is my new batch of over 50 minis.












Can’t wait!