Is it to early to be thinking about FantasyCon 2015 ?

So I was in the comicbook shop the other day (surprise, surprise) and I ran into a flyer for Salt Lake FantasyCon 2015.

FantasyConNow, I am excited to know that FantasyCon will be returning to Salt Lake. I think it is a great Con. It is just the right size (for now) and Medieval fantasy is my favorite genre. I am really looking forward to seeing which minor celebs show up for this next event. I thought that one of the most special things about FantasyCon was how genuinely interested the actors and celebs were to interact with the fans.  I suppose that I did attend more panels at FantasyCon than I did at Salt Lake ComicCon. This might have influence my perspective on this, as I know that naucum had some really great interactions with celebs at SLC ComicCon.

I suppose that it is good to know that FantasyCon will be back. I will definitely be attending all 3 days.


Bring me the Dragons, bring me the Metal, and bring me the Ale!





Comment by Naucum: Comments don’t seem to be enabled here, so I’m hijacking¬†your post to say: No!! Never too early!! We’re attending FanX later this month too. I’m making Annie a costume for it and likely will for FantasyCon as well. Bring on all the cons!!!


  1. nathanthefake says:

    Is it too early – Yes.