Games and Book for 2015: Participation required

FNL Crew:

What are your Books and Games 2015?

Here is mine.


Baldurs Gate 2 – Linux
Dark Souls 2 – PS3
Borderland Pre-Sequel – PS3
Final Fantasy 7 Replay – Round 3 – PS1
Bastion – Linux
Shadowrun Returns – Linux
System Shock 2 – Linux
Diablo 2(sday) – Linux
Ratchet and Clank – All 4 One – Ps3


The Great Hunt
The Dragon Reborn
The Variable Man
Neverending Story
—–If I get real cray.
Gardens of the Moon


  1. falseflag says:


    Far Cry 4 (Win) – if I can build a PC that’ll run the damn thing
    Kerbal Space Program (Win) – I just want to land on the Mun. And maybe retrieve the guy I put into permanent orbit. Sorry, Jeb.
    Broken Age (Win) – I hear Act 2 comes out this year.
    The Walking Dead Season 2 (Win) – Bought it, never played it. Like most of the games in my Steam library.
    Dead Space trilogy (360) – I’m due for another playthrough.
    Mass Effect trilogy (360) – Also due for another playthrough.


    Everything I bought on the Kindle and never read. Which is a lot.

  2. Hmmmmmm mm mm mmmmm

    Definitely finishing “Daylight War”, book 3 of the Demon Cycle by Peter V. Brett. Anxiously awaiting book 4
    Started Xenocide (Ender) in 2014, might finish it in 2015
    A couple more of the Dresden Files novels (Jim Butcher)
    Book 3 and 4 of the Codex Alera series (Jim Butcher)
    Kate Daniels series (Ilona Andrews)
    Books 5 and 6 of The Noble Dead series, (Barb & JC Hendee)
    Any other Terry Pratchet that I find
    My monthly Linux Journal

    Comics (new):
    Toe Tag Riot
    Escape From Jesus Island
    Rat Queens
    Death Vigil
    Ash and teh Army of Darkness, trade volume

    Comics (old):
    Knights of the Dinner Table: Hackmasters of Evernight
    More Y the Last Man
    Any other fun stuff I find in the 25 cent bins at Black Cat Comics

    Castle Panic
    Song of Blades and Heros (mini wargaming)
    Brunchings and Dragons!!!!!!!
    Terra Mystica
    Archery (that counts as a game right?)
    Everything else encountered during Thursday Night Boardgaming.

    Video Game: Diablo 2(sday)

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