The 2015 Challenges and their Exceptions

1. No black in wardrobe. Exceptions are functional clothes (gloves, Laphroaig hat, winter needs), events where black is expected, swimsuit, underwear, jammies. Black in wardrobe outside the exceptions shall be reported.

Your man sporting black all the time, no flavors:

2. No use of Microsoft OS’s. Exceptions being Work, Diablo-Tuesdays, troubleshooting others’ machines, and if my Linux partition explodes. Windows use outside the exceptions shall be reported.

Current Chrome Tabs:

Opeth – Demon of the Fall, Gmail, Exceptions search, Kool Keith – Haters, Laphroaig, Temple Garments, Exceptions search (again)


  1. No black???? That’s not very metal…..

    I’m also trying to replace black with grey. I like grey.

    That’s not included in my challenges though. Although mine are somewhat irrelevant to FNL, and also not quite as succinct as yours are. Perhaps I should add: Attempt being as realistic as Nathanthefake….whose moniker is contradictory.

  2. falseflag says:

    For every black shirt you don’t wear, I’m going to wear three.