Demon’s Souls.

Yet another item not on my original list:

Demon’s Souls will replace Dark Souls 2 on my list.   I can’t believe I BEAT IT! I only died 51,483 times.


  • Class:  Solider
  • Level: 71
  • Weapon: +4 Crushing Battle Axe (I couldn’t find a Pure Greystone, alright!)
  • Strategy:  Lots of Warding and Old Spice.


After thoughts:

Do I like it more than Dark Souls?  Maybe.  Both have similar gameplay, fun levels, interesting enemies, and great bosses.  World 5 was the only area that was lacking, and I saw it as a proto-Blightown.   Will I NG+?  Probably not, too many other things worth doing.   And I have 100k souls I don’t want to lose!   Just like all the other souls games, worth it!  So go play’em.