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About FNL

FNL started from a joke at a game night – instead of the football themed Friday Night Lights, why not the nerd themed Friday Night Linux? Falseflag, with his poor impulse control and tendency to collect ridiculous domain names, immediately bought fridaynightlinux.com

For accuracy, we probably should have called it Thursday Night Board Games, but that’s not nearly as catchy.

About the Authors




Likes coffee, board games, and being outdoors. Refuses to retire a temperamental Jeep. Rides motorcycles in the rain. Sank a kayak in Lake Erie and managed to save the entire crew. Codes in Java. Currently lives in Murray, Utah with his angry cat. Also writes for Friday Night Motorsports.




nathanthefake AlcoholFueledMachine

Beerd. Enjoys \m/etal, techno, Linux, Laphroaig, board games, video games, Medieval/Antiquity anything (including quoting the Princess Bride), GASing for guitar gear I’ll never use, leather shoes, hardwood floor, and green tea.





The only FNL author not in ownership of a Y chromosome. Likes beer (dark and/or hoppy,) scotch (Ardbeg and Oban among others,) the fact that she began her list with alcohol, reading, hiking, drawing, pining over hobbies that people with too much time pursue, photography, comics, travel, oxford commas and witty contradictions. Follow her on Twitter @carmenqueasy and on Instagram @erinobin.



Likes Linux and skiing and painting miniatures for games he doesn’t own, then finding ways to incorporate them into the games he does have. He likes Newcastle, old castles, cats and ellipses…  Also nerd rap/nerdcore hip hop, chip tunes, old black metal, new black tea and Fedora/RedHat, doesn’t wear fedoras.