Lately, I have been playing a lot of Overwatch.

Specifically, I’ve been playing a lot of D.Va – the combination of jump jets, shields, and rapid fire shotguns fit my style of “get in, wreck shit, get out”. Oh, and she can self-destruct her mech. Because piloting a Giant Death Machine with twin shotguns wasn’t enough, I also get to turn the mech into a room-clearing bomb.

Anyway, D.Va’s character profile says she’s a former pro-gamer turned mech pilot, which led to a lot of fan art characterizing her as a Doritos-eating, Mountain Dew-chugging gremlin:

By itself, Gremlin D.Va was pretty funny, but Blizzard decided to make it canon with a new emote (currently available in the PTR):

Doritos for the Dorito god. Dew for the Dew Throne.

Are we back?

Are we back online? I think we’re back online.

Sorry for the hiatus! I have no idea why we went offline or why we came back, but we’re back!

I think.

.zip lines

Warning: This has nothing to do with tech or games or linux. Or zip files. I lied in the title.

I did the Bearclaw Zip Tour at Sundance Resort earlier this week, and I just wanted to share this video I made:

1.8 miles of line, 2100 feet of vertical drop. Four spans, plus a demo span I didn’t record (because it’s like 10′ above the ground). If you’re ever in the SLC area, go check it out.

The joys of working remotely

I work remotely full time, which is pretty cool – the dress code is casual, my coworker is a cat, and nobody cares that I listen to The Dillinger Escape Plan all day. Unfortunately, it has its downsides – like when my coworker decides to sit on my keyboard, or when my home office (affectionately referred to as The Spider Hole) turns out to be an actual hole full of spiders, or when I need to get the IT department involved.

I was back at the office – the actual office, filled with real people and not just disembodied voices I talk to twice a week – for work last week, and I dropped my laptop off at the IT department for them to check out an issue. That laptop is still at the office, 1500 miles away.

A corrupted Windows Update was causing my computer to take about 90 minutes to boot. It can’t be backed out, because Windows doesn’t recognize it as a valid update. It can’t be pushed through or overwritten, because Windows doesn’t recognize it as a valid update. This was something the IT department hadn’t seen before, and they weren’t entirely sure how to fix it. Unfortunately, if an attempted fix fails… it takes 90 minutes before you can try again.

You can imagine how frustrating this is for someone trying to fix the issue.

After three days of unsuccessfully trying to get my laptop working (mostly staring at the “Staring Windows” screen), they gave me a temporary laptop to bring home while they tried to fix my old one.

This laptop’s great and all (it takes 60 seconds to boot!), but… it doesn’t have my stuff.

And I need my stuff to work.


Streamed: The Typing Of The Dead: Overkill

This game is literally Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing mashed up with an ultra-gory, profanity riddled, grindhouse zombie flick. It is the best. THE BEST.

Also, I just learned that Mavis Beacon wasn’t a real person. I’m… kind of disappointed.

Marathon (Shadow)Runner

Engineer knows what’s up.

Due to a nasty bout of The Plague (for which I am now being prescribed narcotics that allow me to do important things like swallow my goddamn food), I found myself with a lot of free time and not a lot of drive to leave the Spider Hole basement office. Inspired by alcoholfueledmachine’s recent post, I decided to finally check out Shadowrun Returns. Bought it on Sunday (at like 5am because I couldn’t sleep) and beat it round 9pm on Monday.

I’m pretty sure my inability to pace myself has been well documented. I may also have watched six nine episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt today as well.

I took a slightly different build path:

Super tanky ork samurai named… Muffy. Muffy, the shotgunner of faces.

FNL plays D&D

We livestreamed our D&D session on twitch.tv on Sunday, and I uploaded the raw videos to YouTube under our new FNL account! Come watch the FNL Crew punch mummies, smash things with giant clubs, and blast people in the face with Lance of Faith!

Warning: These videos are unedited, meaning they’re long, contain a bit of profane language (sorry), and at one point, everyone disappears for like 15 minutes. Also the first hour is basically Dungeons & Spreadsheets as we all level up our characters.

Edit: Yes, I know the audio is messed up and there’s some serious echoing going on. Turns out I had some audio recording settings wrong. We’ll take care of this before the next livestream.

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The Metaler Playlist

Relocation Swarm

In an effort to consolidate the FNL staff, I will be moving in with naucum and nathanthefake, putting three FNL contributors under the same roof. This is either a genius plan that will usher in the golden age of Friday Night Linux, or one of us will end up on fire (hint: probably me). We didn’t really put a whole lot of thought into this.

Maybe we should go 4-for-4 and wedge K-Dog in the garage or something. Wait, no, I want the garage. I bet I could fit my tent in there next to my motorcycle.

Also, I bought some new couches and a mattress. I feel like such an adult for buying furniture instead of a 6.5″ lift and 33″ tires for the XJ. Do you have any idea how excited I was for a new couch? Adulthood is weird.

In any case, I expect all the money we save to be directly applied to beer and board games (and a small TV for 24/7 Salty Bet coverage). Our livers shall pay for our arrogance.

Swarm relocation. Reload and begin again.

Abstinence (Or: Replacing One Addiction With Another)

Recently I talked about my Doctor Who and Terraria addictions – you’ll be proud to know that I’m four days clean, with the exception of taking an hour to watch the latest Doctor Who episode (which I thought was alright, but The Internet vehemently disagrees with me). I’ve broken free of the cycle of abuse! I’m free!

…except I replaced both of those with new things.


“Let’s get re-chard-ed in here!”

Unfortunately, I missed the background noise that the Doctor and his companion(s) provided, and started watching Parks and Recreation again. Netflix said I’d stopped watching somewhere in Season 3, so that’s where I picked back up… and marathoned through the end of Season 6 (seriously, the S6 finale was beautiful, and I’m looking forward to the final season).

I also played a few hours of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance with some coworkers. If you haven’t played it, it’s worth checking out (SupCom and Forged Alliance are $20 on Steam) – it’s somewhere between StarCraft’s spacey combat and Rise of Nation’s giant map size. Fortunately, I am terrible at it, so I can’t marathon long sessions. Games also take like an hour or more, and frankly, I don’t have the patience to get my ass kicked non-stop for that long.


This was my actual battle strategy

And then a friend got me into World of Tanks, a massive online game about… well, tank combat. As it turns out, I am also bad at this – at one point, I drove my tank directly into the center of a lake and drowned. I’m not sure what I expected to happen – it turns out the lake is deep enough to submerge my tiny T1 Cunningham, and that T1 Cunningham tanks don’t have snorkels.