The Doctor and The Digging

As previously mentioned, I tend to throw myself into TV shows and video games and marathon through things. I watched the entire reimagined series of Battlestar Galactica in a little over a week. I beat The Last of Us in three days.

Doctor-Donna friends!

Doctor-Donna friends!

And then I discovered Doctor Who. I latched onto the modern series and refused to let go. I watched all 7 seasons on Netflix in under a month, and then started again – and kept going. Usually, standard protocol is to watch an entire series without rest, restart it, and get bored before I’ve rewatched the first season (like I did most recently with BSG and Chuck), but not so with The Doctor – as I near the two month mark, I’m about to wrap up Season 7 for the second time. And after that ends and I’m caught up with Season 8, I’ll probably start again. Which I’m okay with – I’ll get to see Ninth Doctor with Rose again, and the Tenth Doctor with Donna (who might be my favorite companion).

This was all fine and dandy – what’s one unhealthy addiction to a fantastic British TV programme about a space-and-time traveling Doctor and his companion(s)? – until nathanthefake reintroduced me to Terraria.

A slightly less terrible house

A slightly less terrible house

You see, Terraria doesn’t have an end. I can’t marathon through it, beat the game in four days, and get on with my life. It’s a series of never ending digging and building terrible houses and more digging and fighting bosses and more digging and building incrementally less terrible houses and oh god it’s 2am why am i still digging. The last time I played, I sank 44 hours into it over the course of several weeks before burning out, uninstalling it, and swearing I’d never play it again. And then, five days and 12 hours of Terraria later, I’ve got two characters, each slaying zombies and strip-mining their own worlds.

But dealing with two addictions is new, much less two addictive things that I can do at the same time. At 8:30am this morning, I found myself with Terraria on one screen and S7E11 (Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) on the other.

Dig dig dig, oh hey the TARDIS is exploding

Dig dig dig, oh hey the TARDIS is exploding

I have a problem.

Well… two problems.

Friday Night Motorsports

It’s not Friday, nor is it nerd news, but I did something fun:

bar ends

Installed Rhino Moto bar end sliders and CRG Hindsight LS mirrors onto my Street Triple R. Fun installation notes:

  • This was the first project in a long time where I didn’t a) damage the vehicle, 2) discover hidden damage to the vehicle, or iii) injure myself.
  • The stock mirror mounts are M10-1.25 x 12mm, and the throttle-side mirror holds the brake reservoir in place. Since I removed my mirrors, I needed to replace them with some bolts. They don’t sell 12mm bolts in that diameter at the store, so I took an angle grinder with a cutting wheel to some M10-1.25 x 20mm bolts and sized them to fit. I’ll spray paint the bolt heads black later.
  • I didn’t read the instructions for the bar ends (how hard can installing something with literally two screws be?), so my first attempt at installation locked my throttle in place. Turns out the bar ends have spacers that were specific to each side, and the throttle side is spaced out farther, so the cap doesn’t rub against the throttle grip. Oops.

I went for a short ride with them on, and visibility is way improved over the antennae mirrors. I can angle these so I can see adjacent lanes and a little bit behind me without having my elbow in the view.

Plus they look cool.

And I have an American dream, but it involves black masks and gasoline

Beginning of the end

I ripped off the old bumper and was greeted by this:


Panel’s completely rotted out. Not sure what to do – I could buy some sheet metal and rebuild that panel. Could go with the old cut-and-fold, but the bumper I got is meant to bolt to that panel.

Ugh. The body of my jeep is rusting out. This is the beginning of the end.

Preview: Detours XJ Slim-Line Rear Bumper

I painted some new parts for the Jeep tonight:

garage paint

I painted my Detours Slim-Line Rear Bumper for my Jeep XJ, after it sat in my living room for a week. Good thing my girlfriend’s on vacation – I doubt she would have appreciated the 5’x2′ crate sitting on my coffee table. I also painted my jack stands, because… well, that’s what the bumper was sitting on while I was painting, and jack stands don’t need to be pretty (as long as they can still hold up a Jeep), they got sacrificed. Oh well.

I am super stoked to finally have an external tire carrier. Install and initial impressions next week!


15 years later it still reeks of swill and Chickenshit Conformists

Salt Lake ComicCon: The FalseFlag review

All four of us went to Salt Lake ComicCon! Naucum took a bunch of pictures, so I imagine she’ll post them (I only took one picture of nathanthefake eating lunch, which I sent to naucum while she was trapped in a panel). In typical falseflag fashion, here is my terrible convention review:

Thursday’s line fiasco was awful – rumor was they were still trying to get people checked in at 7:30pm, even though the vendor floor closed at 8. I liked the smaller crowd. I bought a bunch of merch from Weta Workshop and Steamcrow, saw Cary Elwes and Ron Perlman. The Spike and Mike panel bombed out with technical difficulties, and we left after the third time the video glitched out.

Friday was probably the best day. Bruce Campbell and Alan Tudyk probably had the best panels of the convention, mostly because they did something other than the usual Q&A (Campbell exclusively interviewed random audience members, and Tudyk did “you ask me one, I ask you one” and gave out a bunch of free shit to everyone who came up). As cool as it was to see Patrick Warburton, I was a little disappointed that most of the questions came from little kids asking about his Disney movies. Lines were getting bigger, though, and most of the south ballroom lines turned into a massive door-rushing horde. Bought some art from Cody Vrosh and the Stripped comic documentary DVD. Lost my Fitbit Flex.

Saturday was just too busy, although I got to waltz right in with my Wristband of Line Skipping (Gold pass). I saw the lines for the south ballroom and decided I’d just go to smaller panels. They had a BSG 10th Anniversary panel which was good, but James Edward Olmos and Aaron Douglas were both here for FanX – it would have been nice to have cast members on it. Naucum got briefly locked out when she stepped out of the building for a minute, only to discover the fire marshal had declared we were at capacity and no re-entry was allowed (you know those scenes in zombie movies where there’s a horde of zombies pressed up against the glass doors of a mall, trying to get in? Everyone outside looked like that.) The vendor floor was too crazy to want to hang out in, so I bought nothing.

TL;DR: Thursday was good if you could get in, Friday was awesome, and I think I could have skipped Saturday and been okay with it.

GenCon 2014: Recap

I got shipped to Indianapolis for three weeks on a work trip. In case you are unaware, Indiana is world famous for two things: pork tenderloin sandwiches and GenCon. And basketball and Bobby Knight and that Hoosiers movie and Timothy McVeigh was executed in Terre Haute BUT LET’S TALK ABOUT GENCON.

What is GenCon, you ask? Did… did you not read the link? It’s like… right there. Anyway, it’s a four day gaming convention taking up the entire Indianapolis Convention Center plus the conference/event halls in nearby hotels. Most of the events revolve around actual gaming, whether it’s CCG tournaments or D&D/Pathfinder or just pick-up tabletop games. It’s… big.

I didn’t take any pictures (except for one of a My Little Pony CCG standup that I sent to naucum, thinking it’d be funny – except she already knew about it) or attend any panels. What I did do was wander around the gargantuan vendor hall and spend my hard earned cash on two Little Guardians books and Gravwell by Cryptozoic Games. I imagine an Official FNL Review of Gravwell will be coming soon, after I get back from The Wastelands Indiana, but here’s my brief review: I dragged another player from first place to dead last and it was hilarious.

I also ate at a food truck.

I like my coffee black just like my metal

Angry, Young, and Poor (or some combination thereof)

After nathanthefake started calling every punk band I listen to Blink-182 or The Bouncing Souls, I made a playlist for him of my favorite punk bands (and Rancid, I guess). Now you can listen to it, too.

And yes, it’s heavy on Fat Wreck Chords bands.

Also, you should check out this A-F Records compilation album. There’s some good bands on there.

All my best friends are metalheads

Ignorance is bliss

This site’s been running since April 2 with the same theme, and I just now noticed that the title and subtitle aren’t aligned. This annoys me. Not enough to do anything about it, but now I can’t stop seeing it.

Steam Summer Sale

Ah, yes. The time is upon us when I get repeated “low balance” notices from my bank because I’m buying everything that looks mildly interesting on the Steam Summer Sale. Thus far, I’ve picked up:

Age of Empires II: HD Edition
Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition
Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition
Battleblock Theater
Darksiders II
Goat Simulator
Kerbal Space Program
Mirror’s Edge
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
Surgeon Simulator 2013
The Walking Dead: Season 2
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War – Dark Crusade
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War – Soulstorm
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War – Winter Assault
World of Goo

I think I have a problem (and that problem is there needs to be more money in my bank account).

Edited Jun 29 2014 to reflect additional purchases.


After seeing Aaron Douglas at SLCC FanX with naucum, I decided I should finally watch Battlestar Galactica.

So I did. All 76 episodes on Netflix.

In 11 days.

So say we all.