Mc Chris Bundle


Mc chris arrives and you start “shuckin the jive”

Just got my mcchris Foreverrr Mega Pack/Bundle in the mail.

Inhale, Exhale, just got Chris in the Mail!

This sweet bundle came with mc chris’ newest album “Foreverrr”. It is a fun album themed around spooky things like ghosts and Ghostbusters. Favorite songs are “Giving up the Ghost” which is his EDM-style autobiographical about giving up herb, his great song about falling in love with Wednesday Adams, appropriately named Wednesday and his tribute to the wizard character class.

Also included were 2 mc pins, a hoody, a poster and a sweet book bag which will serve me well at nerd conventions.





FantasyCon 2014, Part 1

FantasyCon 2014. Salt Lake City, Utah

Who woudda thunk that lil old Salt City could be hosting a gathering of internationally renowned fantasy actors? Not you? Yeah well me neither, but here it is. Lord of The Rings, Stargate, Dr. Who, Firefly and others.

Thursday was Day One for FantasyCon. Thanks to a good friend, I got stoked out with a free Thursday pass. Since I work within walking distance of the Con, I was able to sneak outta work early and head over.

The Highlight of the evening for me was the “Middle-Earth Kickoff”. This was a relaxed panel of over 20 people. The crew from were all there along with a whole host of Dwarves. Dwalin, Balin, Gimli were only a few. It was really nice to hear them all speak about their experiences acting and working on LoTR. They were all in great spirits and were cracking jokes and clowning around a bit.




I only had a brief time to cruise the booths, but one artist in particular caught my eye. Justin Mayhew and his The Demons of Corrath art. I was surprised and happy to hear that his art is created right in Spanish Fork, Utah. I am definitely looking to pick up some of his artwork this weekend.

More updates later,


Eggs and Robbers!!, the Official Website for the new hit dice game “Eggs And Robbers”!

NOTE TO FELLOW FNL’lings- please feel free to Edit this to add your thoughts and variations:
Story Setup:

You are walking through the dangerous forest, collecting Valuable eggs. You must collect 12 of them. Beware the Robber and the Sneak(pickpocket). The Robber will attack you and if you don’t have your shield up, he cuts one of your hands. You only have 2 hands. If BOTH of your hands get cut by the Robber, then you <drop your basket of eggs> and lose half of them.
There is no protection against the Sneaks, for a Sneak is Sneaky. The Sneaks will steal (pickpocket) any eggs you have JUST FOUND (just rolled) this dice roll.

Be the first of your friends to get a dozen eggs.

Name: RobberDice or MuggerDice or… (something without dice in the name)..
Variations: RD – Pirates!, RD – Mideval, RD – Space, RD – Noir, RD – City, RD – Country
FNL Drinkablity score = 6/6 = this should be a simple, fun game, which you can play smashed.

1- robber die D6. 2side=1 sword, 2side=2 sword, 2side=0 sword

player dice (how many?). sides: coin(1or2coins per side), pickpocket/cutpurse(dagger?), anti-robber(Shield)




Variation 1:
Roll 3 player dice. Goal=get coins. pickpocket/cutpurse steals/negates any coins you have rolled.
Robber(sword(s)):2 swords=end turn (either additive or just when you get 2X. or maybe if you roll 1X robbersword and you also roll 1x antirobberShield then the robber is cancelled?
–end turn on:
1) roll 2X robber at once.
2) roll 1X robber dice and then roll another 1x robber dice(this would entail having to keep track of how many robs you have…


-Roll 3 player dice. Goal=get coins. pickpocket steals/negates ANY coins you have accumulated so far.
-when you get 2 robber swords (either total or at once) you loose Half of the coins you have accumulated. Robbers don’t give change, so round down, i.e. 7 * .5 = 3 (not 3.5) –This is the incentive to calculate the risk you are taking by continuing.
– possibly, change the robber dice to only have 0 or 1 sword on them- that way you have a bit more chance of continuing to play (but I don’t want it to look like URB’s game)


More Notes from July:

dice containers: Plastic easter eggs. An egg in a basket (to strengthen the theme of the basket being dropped when attacked twice.). a cardboard egg shaped box (3-4 inches across and 6 inches deep. a chicken shaped standing cardboard box (3d chicken 6-8inches tall, split in the middle along the horizontal plane with dice and rules inside of it.

story: you are walking through the dangerous forest, collecting Valuable eggs. You must collect 12 of them. Robber, pickpocket,

END Egg: On one side of the Robber Die is the “END Egg”. The end egg symbol should be two halves of a broken egg. Possibly with the word END written in between them. This indicates that you have dropped an egg and your turn is now over. Pass the dice to the left.

Why does 2 sword attacks mean drop half your eggs? you have 2 hands. when you get attacked 1x you get hit in 1 hand. you still have 1 arm to hold the basket and shield. if you get sworded 2x them both of your hands are hit and you drop the basket, losing 1/2 of your eggs.

Symbols: robber=(sword),  pickpocket/sneak?=hand in a pinching form or hand in an OK form

Inspiring Album on this Friday Morning Linux update from work: Carcass: Necroticism – Descanting The Insalubrious
It’s better than English Breakfast Tea!


BASH Cheat Sheet

So, I like bash(or BaSH or BaSh or whatever). It’s powerful, and it’s Fun! Throughout the years I have picked up some fun shortcuts for the CLI.
This is a running list of some of my favorites (and some which I don’t really use). Disclaimer: this stuff was found on the Internet!

# Bash Cheat Sheet
Here are my most commonly used shortcuts while on the CLI:

Ctrl + a – Jump to the start of the line
Ctrl + d – Delete from under the cursor
Ctrl + e – Jump to the end of the line
Ctrl + u – Delete backward from cursor
Ctrl + w – Delete backward a word

And look at this little gem. How may times have you gone to [Read more…]

Yeah! Surprise gift!

Check it out. A friend of mine scored this through work and gifted it to me.

Can’t wait!


Recursive downloading using wget

Here’s a little one liner to help ya out.

#> wget -A jpg,jpeg,gif -r

#> wget -A jpg,jpeg,gif -r

and then through a loop in there:



while $counter1 -gt 0;

do wget -A jpg,jpeg,gif -r$counter1.html




Also wanted to remember this little gem. I was trying to recursively mirror/download some Oracle Linux. I kept getting the index.html only. Or other stuff I didn’t want. So after looking through the man page and finding it lacking (suprise!) I went and consulted Google. It’s to bad the name Oracle was already taken, how cool would it be to tell someone “Go ask the Oracle” when you wanted to find something out.

This little one-liner allowed me to pull down the Oracle repo onto one of our local Yum repos.

#> wget -r -e robots=off

Boy, the guys are gonna be happy with me when they find out that they can update there OVS servers from our internal Yum!




San Diego Comic Con and NerdCore Rap Show

Damn! I just might have to fly to San Diego in July.

Just to see some of my FAVORITE nerdcore rappers:


NerdTastic Ear-Splotion!

NerdTastic Ear-Splotion!



4th Annual Comic Con Nerd-a-thon

July 25 @ 8:00 PM – 11:55 PM

The 4th Annual Comic-Con Nerd-a-thon will be returning on Friday, July 25 at 8PM. Tiny Nightmare Productions will be hosting an evening of burlesque and live music at The Merrow in Hillcrest.

Devil’s Playground, an LA-based burlesque troupe, will be performing as the Star Wars Storm Trooper and Emperor’s Guard for the evening. There will also be musical performances by MC Frontalot, MC Lars, Schaffer the Dark Lord, Dr. Awkward, and Chamber Band. General admission tickets are available for $25, or a VIP/Balcony spot (with a free cocktail or draft beer) is available for $40.

The event is ages 21+, and tickets may be purchased through Brown Paper Tickets.

FNL Drinkablity Score

This is the spot for naucum to detail and explain the FNL Drinkablity Score for us.

Naucum — Could you please make us up a post?… Please!! Please with Rainbow Sherbert on top!! We’re all dying to know the deep analytical research that went into the creation of the “Drinkablity Score” and the research methods leveraged to obtain the drinkablity score of a game or a nerd convention or an FNL Adventure! What qualifies as a 2 Drinker and what qualifies at a 6 Drinker? Inquiring minds want to know.

Here’s the basic breakdown:

1/6 beers  = Needs lots of brain power and attention span. Lots of bits, rules, etc. Example: Terra Mystica
2/6 beers  = Risk Legacy ??
3/6 beers  = Dominion / Settlers of Catan
4/6 beers  = Wrath of Ashardalon (D&D Board Game)
5/6 beers  = Dungeon
6/6 beers  = Needs little brain power and less attention. You can basically play as long as you can add up to the number 13. Example: Zombie Dice



: ^ )


Using wget to download internet content

We’ve all been there, right? You just found a cool site with tonnes of art pics on it. You explore around the site and then wonder if there is more. So begins the Address Surfing routine. This results in: “Ah Ha!” Yes, there IS more content there than you first found. Now, of course, you want to pull down all of those cool pics… [Read more…]

GETSOME! Card Game Kickstarter


You are now an official backer of “GETSOME: A naughty card game for normal people.”
As of Saturday, May 10, 2014 at 22:19 MST the Kickstarter Stats are at:
320 backers  ||  $19,255 pledged of $20,000 goal  ||  23 hours to go

So I ran into this Kickstarter today for a game called “GETSOME: A naughty card game for normal people”. It sounded like a fun/funny title,  so I checked it out over at the GetSome Kickstarter Page. It is a card game, full of laughs and ridiculous-ness. The goal is to “Get Some”, or rather – get more than your friends Get. This is a light-hearted competitive card game for friends who don’t take much to seriously. Sounds perfect for the FNL crew of gamers.

The main GETSOME Card.

A GETSOME Action Card

Here are some of the sample cards. Basically the goal is to accumulate Notches in your bed’s headboard through encounters. While you are playing your hand, your opponents try to block you from scoring (yes, pun intended) by playing cards on you such as STD, Preggos, etc. I thought it was such a funny concept and with less than 24 hours and $700 to go I went ahead and pledged them some cash. Check out The Cards Here.

 I am guessing the FNL Drinkability Score will be pretty high on this one!

      Perhaps they will reach their goal and the FNL game crew will have yet another fun game to drink to.

##Music: mc chris006 and Japanese Maid