Gravwell Review (a.k.a. Naucum returns with a new review style)

Gravwell. It’s gorgeous. Look at it….LOOK:



Obviously I was instantly enamored with this game and its purty mouf. But beyond that: it’s easy to play, difficult to master and damn fun too.

Movement is based on gravity, or whichever ship is closest to you, and order of play is based on the alphabetical order of cards containing chemical element abbreviations. The science nods along with an aesthetic board made me feel all complete and shit.

Gravwell, as with most multi-player games, became more fun with more players. We started with two players, FalseFlag and nathanthefake, then to four players: one half game with my 8 year old (kids love it too!) and one full game with another grown-ass woman (this game will get you laid!) It was quickly discovered how unpredictable a first go is. I went from being in last position the entire game to winning. Bonzai, bitches. I assume that the possibility of mastering a strategy of this sucker exists, but I have no idea how. It kind of had the feel of poker, you know, like when you’re certain that your King high hand is going to win, and for some reason it doesn’t???? WTF royal flush???

Overall the initial high I experienced upon seeing this game did not diminish after playing it and I look forward to playing again.

Free Comic Book Day Haul

Seven stores in five hours and 21 free comics. Today was a good day.

K-dog's haul. I finally got him to get Y: The Last Man!

K-dog’s haul. I finally got him to get Y: The Last Man!

Mine and my daughter's haul. She's such a brony.

Mine and my daughter’s haul. She’s such a brony.

Salt Lake Comic Con FanX Day 1

All of the FNL crew made it to the FanX, albeit at different times.

I went all three days and am proudly exhausted beyond rational thought. So, obviously, I should make a post.

I met my three favorite captains: Admiral Adama, Mal and Jean-Luc Picard. Yes…you read that last one correctly. Yes…I cried when I met him. And I can now check being called “dear” by an English knight off my bucket list. BOOM.

Day 1:
With FalseFlag

We arrived a little after noon when the con opened to the general public. We wandered around the general floor and bought a few art prints. I got a creepy ACEO of some deer/rabbit-headed creatures and a cute 8×10 watercolor print of a little Darth Vader. I’m especially jealous of the prints that FalseFlag purchased. He should edit this post later to include pics after this here colon:

In love with that artist.

We also got beer: Captain’s Lager. YES.

Then we decided to hit up a panel. One that interested us was “Religion and Sci-Fi.” I mean, we love Sci-Fi and the way religion is portrayed in the genre, so obviously we’d love this panel. Or….we’d awkwardly listen to seven Mormons and an Evangelical try to justify their devout religious beliefs with their passion for Sci-Fi.

Ok. Welp, onto the next panel: Boondock Saints. Can’t go wrong there! The panel consisted of Sean Patrick Flanery and Rocko. Holy hell it was funny. The dynamic of those two was comedy gold; Flanery was all amped up on his own awesomesauce and Rocko….was….just kind of Rocko. Man, he was strange. We heard some excellent stories about Norman Reedus and Christopher Walken from Flanery and would have heard some excellent stories from Rocko if he would have picked up a microphone more than occasionally instead of blankly staring at a couple hundred people wondering who the hell Mike was and why we were all shouting his name. Great panel, probably the best I saw.

Then the room filled up with Buffy fans and we went to the room next door for some BSG spoilers from Aaron Douglas, who played Chief. Douglas is pretty funny and very Canadian. He talked a lot about his interactions with other celebrities in the same way any one of us peasants would. He’s a total lovable nerd. We learned that in the boxing episode on BSG, The Chief and Adama were actually wailing on each other, and that Starbuck is actually a girly girl who would get upset over a ruined manicure. Kind of a good news/bad news chunk of information.

After that, the room cleared and we moved up to the third row for the Boba Fett panel featuring the old and the new Boba Fetts: Jeremy Bulloch (heh, Bulloch) and Daniel Logan. The panel was moderated by a guy I know, but he apparently doesn’t know me because he’s too busy interviewing celebrities to remember that we’ve met several times. Yet another reason I should be in Star Wars; the list continues. Anyway, this panel was cringe-mania. Logan is this young, energetic, kind of stoner-y, total bro from New Zealand and Bulloch is a classically trained English theater actor. This picture pretty much sums up the entire panel:

"Where was ah going wi' that?"

“Where was ah going wi’ that?”

Seriously, enlarge that and look at Bulloch’s face that says “What the hell happened?” It makes me laugh so hard. And then cry.

We went to the game area and perused some board games. I was interested in Tsuro of the Seas, since we like Tsuro so much. I was thisclose to buying a discounted Battlestar Gallactica game and having Aaron Douglas sign it, but I didn’t and am okay with that. FalseFlag bought Risk Legacy, which we have yet to play, but is currently sitting in my front room singing a siren song. So tempting.

This year I was determined to actually take photos of cosplayers, since last time I took my camera and never used it. I was proud of myself for asking people for photos….although looking back, they’re almost all of women. I guess I need to work up to talking to the men folk.

Those cheeks!

Those cheeks!

I loved this Kiki, not overdone and just perfect.

Gun purchased from ThinkGeek

Gun purchased from ThinkGeek

This Chell’s potato actually worked! I was like 5th in line to take a photo of her and she was obviously pretty damn sick of it by then, but I did it anyway! Haha! Take that introversion.

Who, me?

Who, me?

I liked this chick’s makeup, but she seemed suprised that I wanted her photo. I wish the conversation had actually gone like this:
“Hey, can I get a photo of your makeup?”
“No.” And I had put my camera down and walked away.

But, no, I took the damn picture. I still like it even if she didn’t.

After that we wandered around a bit more, saw a TARDIS, DeLorean, some mermaids and acrobats before heading to game night at my place. Overall a great first day.


So…I went ahead and made a thing.

All proceeds to go K-dog, as it was his idea 🙂

Shit We Hate About Spotify

– Impossible to find people without selling soul to FB. Refuse… RESIST!!!!

spotify:track:2OoS1aZFAFscH1cUiKlazH (what a nice FB logo you have)

– Pandora gives me better recommends. Like where did this come from?

spotify:track:2vJnWT7uhAtyMLbL2eaT15 (Die FB)

I listen to a lot of Spotify offline because NathantheFake and I are cheap bastards and share an account. I am also a shuffle addict. When I’m at work, I never ever want to listen to an entire album by the same artist in its intentionally predetermined order. It seriously drives me mad. Mad! Anyway, today I just wanted to load all the offline songs into a queue and put them on shuffle. No matter hard I slammed that fraking shuffle icon, the songs refused to randomize themselves. I did finally figure out that if I add every damn song individually to “My Music” then I could shuffle them all. However, that took up time and my work numbers suffered because of it. I mean…obviously I had to do it on work time…it could not wait for my lunch break. Thanks Obama.

The iOS app was flat out broken for a while. From the lock screen, you used to be able to skip forward/backward quickly – you hit a button, song changes. With the April update, there’s often a delay between when you hit the button and when it skips, and mashing the button means all those presses get queued up.  Going forward, it’s not a huge deal – you listen to an extra 10 seconds of each song until that queue gets processed. Going backwards, though… once you’re past the first few seconds of a song, hitting the back button restarts it.  So when you hit forward too many times because of the button lag and you want to go back, you end up listening to the SAME FRIGGIN’ TEN SECONDS OF A SONG YOU ARE TRYING TO SKIP.

I don’t even know if it’s still broken. I gave up on it until I see it show up in my Recently Updated Apps list.


Cthulhu Fluxx Review

Cthulhu Fluxx



Age: 7+
Depending on the child’s person’s ability to pay attention to constantly changing rules.
Some minor math: if you can count to 6, you’re good.

Players: 2-6
We played with 3 and it felt balanced.

Time: 10-40 mins
Time is variable due to rules and goals changing.

Drinkability: 2/6 beers
Kind of need to pay attention. Even sober, many rules and goals get overlooked.

Overall Score: 4/7 days
I’d play this four times a week.

This is the second Fluxx game we’ve played, after playing the original a few months ago. We discovered that the fun in this game is dependent upon the attitude of the other players. Imagine that.

The Cthulhu version adds some elements like doom and ungoals. The doom elements are to be avoided…except when the standing conditions say otherwise. The ungoals are also to be avoided…except when the standing conditions behoove you to achieve them. I’m sensing a theme.




Fluxx is a relatively quick game to learn and play. There was minimal arguing over rules, because they’re clearly stated on the cards themselves. The rulebook is pretty damn helpful as well. They include an FAQ which came in handy a couple times.

To begin, everyone is dealt three cards. If any of the three cards you receive contain a creep, you lay it down in front of you and draw another card. Repeat until everyone is holding three non-creep cards. You decide who goes first. There’s no need to figure out who planted something most recently.  On your turn draw one card and play one card…unless the standing conditions say otherwise (SEE?!) The goal of the game is determined by the standing goal card. Fluxx Cthulhu also has ungoals which replace the goal…unless the standing omgwegetit. Moving on. The ungoal is a set of winning conditions for the game itself to win and everyone else to stare blankly at the table, silently re-read the rules and accept the situation before gathering up the cards for a re-shuffle.

The pace of the game is fast, since each turn is fairly concise.  There’s not much skill to the game, a lot of it has to do with luck and proper attention (see drinkability score.) However, some skill can come into play once you’ve played a couple times and know what cards might appear.

The game also has a meta rule, which I highly recommend playing. It makes it so that even when the game wins, another person has a shot at winning. I, personally, feel that the game should only win if it’s a co-operative game. If it’s everyone for themselves and the game still wins? Well that’s just bullshit.


Overall, we had fun with this game. We enjoyed the Lovecraft references and the constant changes. Cthulhu Fluxx adds some dynamic to the regular Fluxx game. While it is a little more confusing at times, I feel that it adds a lot more fun.