Books of 2015 Update!

Update of my previous post and how I’m not even close to it. Dragon Reborn is going off the list because,…624 pages.

Great Hunt – Done!

This took me quite a long time, I had a 2 or 3 month break where I stopped reading.  Woof.  ( Also you can buy this online at Walmart for 24$.  WHY! ).  Maybe a more complete review later.

Late addition:  Howl’s Moving Castle – Done!

Much easier YA read that flew by.   The movie ends a bit different, but I like both.  Meow.

Games and Book for 2015: Participation required

FNL Crew:

What are your Books and Games 2015?

Here is mine.


Baldurs Gate 2 – Linux
Dark Souls 2 – PS3
Borderland Pre-Sequel – PS3
Final Fantasy 7 Replay – Round 3 – PS1
Bastion – Linux
Shadowrun Returns – Linux
System Shock 2 – Linux
Diablo 2(sday) – Linux
Ratchet and Clank – All 4 One – Ps3


The Great Hunt
The Dragon Reborn
The Variable Man
Neverending Story
—–If I get real cray.
Gardens of the Moon