Issue #1 of is out this Wednesday!

So excited! I picked up the Issue #0 at Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 this year and had it signed by Matt Miner ( Now Issue #1 is out. I’ll be dropping by  my favorite comic shop (BlackCat) to pick it up. Not worried, though… It’s already on my pull list!



San Diego Comic Con and NerdCore Rap Show

Damn! I just might have to fly to San Diego in July.

Just to see some of my FAVORITE nerdcore rappers:


NerdTastic Ear-Splotion!

NerdTastic Ear-Splotion!



4th Annual Comic Con Nerd-a-thon

July 25 @ 8:00 PM – 11:55 PM

The 4th Annual Comic-Con Nerd-a-thon will be returning on Friday, July 25 at 8PM. Tiny Nightmare Productions will be hosting an evening of burlesque and live music at The Merrow in Hillcrest.

Devil’s Playground, an LA-based burlesque troupe, will be performing as the Star Wars Storm Trooper and Emperor’s Guard for the evening. There will also be musical performances by MC Frontalot, MC Lars, Schaffer the Dark Lord, Dr. Awkward, and Chamber Band. General admission tickets are available for $25, or a VIP/Balcony spot (with a free cocktail or draft beer) is available for $40.

The event is ages 21+, and tickets may be purchased through Brown Paper Tickets.

Free Comic Book Day Haul

Seven stores in five hours and 21 free comics. Today was a good day.

K-dog's haul. I finally got him to get Y: The Last Man!

K-dog’s haul. I finally got him to get Y: The Last Man!

Mine and my daughter's haul. She's such a brony.

Mine and my daughter’s haul. She’s such a brony.

Free Comic Book Day, Saturday May 3rd, 2014 Salt Lake City

Like comic books? Know any kids that would like to get a free comic book with a trip to the local comic book shop?
Well your chance is coming up quickly! Free Comic Book Day is coming up in Salt Lake City!
This Saturday, May 3rd, 2014.  Shops will be giving away free editions of a variety of comic, everything from “Grimms Fairy Tales” to “Spongebob”.

Salt Lake City Free Comic Book Day  blackcatbanner1

This is a great chance to get out and visit your local comic book shops. In fact, I might try to make a day of this and visit the SLC shops I haven’t been to yet. FNL 2014 SLC Comics Shop Tour (and pub crawl…?)

Some of the cool stores participating in this are:

Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106
(801) 461-4228

Salt Lake City, Utah, Utah, 84047
(801) 352-2605


Salt Lake City, Utah, 84109
(801) 485-6114

West Valley City, Utah, 84119
(801) 964-4776

Salt Lake City, Utah, 84107
(801) 263-1940

Sandy, Utah, 84070
(801) 330-2068


Support your local comic book geeks!