Yay! Kingdom Builder for #GameNight !

Yay! Kingdom Builder for GameNight!
Tonight the fnlinux.com crew plays a new game. Naucum picked up a copy at Salt lake Gaming Con last week.


Game Night Begins!

Hot in the action!


FalseFlag for the win!

FalseFlag for the win!

FalseFlag (Orange) for the win!


Is it to early to be thinking about FantasyCon 2015 ?

So I was in the comicbook shop the other day (surprise, surprise) and I ran into a flyer for Salt Lake FantasyCon 2015.

FantasyConNow, I am excited to know that FantasyCon will be returning to Salt Lake. I think it is a great Con. It is just the right size (for now) and Medieval fantasy is my favorite genre. I am really looking forward to seeing which minor celebs show up for this next event. I thought that one of the most special things about FantasyCon was how genuinely interested the actors and celebs were to interact with the fans.  I suppose that I did attend more panels at FantasyCon than I did at Salt Lake ComicCon. This might have influence my perspective on this, as I know that naucum had some really great interactions with celebs at SLC ComicCon.

I suppose that it is good to know that FantasyCon will be back. I will definitely be attending all 3 days.


Bring me the Dragons, bring me the Metal, and bring me the Ale!





Comment by Naucum: Comments don’t seem to be enabled here, so I’m hijacking your post to say: No!! Never too early!! We’re attending FanX later this month too. I’m making Annie a costume for it and likely will for FantasyCon as well. Bring on all the cons!!!

Salt Lake ComicCon: The FalseFlag review

All four of us went to Salt Lake ComicCon! Naucum took a bunch of pictures, so I imagine she’ll post them (I only took one picture of nathanthefake eating lunch, which I sent to naucum while she was trapped in a panel). In typical falseflag fashion, here is my terrible convention review:

Thursday’s line fiasco was awful – rumor was they were still trying to get people checked in at 7:30pm, even though the vendor floor closed at 8. I liked the smaller crowd. I bought a bunch of merch from Weta Workshop and Steamcrow, saw Cary Elwes and Ron Perlman. The Spike and Mike panel bombed out with technical difficulties, and we left after the third time the video glitched out.

Friday was probably the best day. Bruce Campbell and Alan Tudyk probably had the best panels of the convention, mostly because they did something other than the usual Q&A (Campbell exclusively interviewed random audience members, and Tudyk did “you ask me one, I ask you one” and gave out a bunch of free shit to everyone who came up). As cool as it was to see Patrick Warburton, I was a little disappointed that most of the questions came from little kids asking about his Disney movies. Lines were getting bigger, though, and most of the south ballroom lines turned into a massive door-rushing horde. Bought some art from Cody Vrosh and the Stripped comic documentary DVD. Lost my Fitbit Flex.

Saturday was just too busy, although I got to waltz right in with my Wristband of Line Skipping (Gold pass). I saw the lines for the south ballroom and decided I’d just go to smaller panels. They had a BSG 10th Anniversary panel which was good, but James Edward Olmos and Aaron Douglas were both here for FanX – it would have been nice to have cast members on it. Naucum got briefly locked out when she stepped out of the building for a minute, only to discover the fire marshal had declared we were at capacity and no re-entry was allowed (you know those scenes in zombie movies where there’s a horde of zombies pressed up against the glass doors of a mall, trying to get in? Everyone outside looked like that.) The vendor floor was too crazy to want to hang out in, so I bought nothing.

TL;DR: Thursday was good if you could get in, Friday was awesome, and I think I could have skipped Saturday and been okay with it.

GenCon 2014: Recap

I got shipped to Indianapolis for three weeks on a work trip. In case you are unaware, Indiana is world famous for two things: pork tenderloin sandwiches and GenCon. And basketball and Bobby Knight and that Hoosiers movie and Timothy McVeigh was executed in Terre Haute BUT LET’S TALK ABOUT GENCON.

What is GenCon, you ask? Did… did you not read the link? It’s like… right there. Anyway, it’s a four day gaming convention taking up the entire Indianapolis Convention Center plus the conference/event halls in nearby hotels. Most of the events revolve around actual gaming, whether it’s CCG tournaments or D&D/Pathfinder or just pick-up tabletop games. It’s… big.

I didn’t take any pictures (except for one of a My Little Pony CCG standup that I sent to naucum, thinking it’d be funny – except she already knew about it) or attend any panels. What I did do was wander around the gargantuan vendor hall and spend my hard earned cash on two Little Guardians books and Gravwell by Cryptozoic Games. I imagine an Official FNL Review of Gravwell will be coming soon, after I get back from The Wastelands Indiana, but here’s my brief review: I dragged another player from first place to dead last and it was hilarious.

I also ate at a food truck.

I like my coffee black just like my metal

FantasyCon 2014, Part 1

FantasyCon 2014. Salt Lake City, Utah

Who woudda thunk that lil old Salt City could be hosting a gathering of internationally renowned fantasy actors? Not you? Yeah well me neither, but here it is. Lord of The Rings, Stargate, Dr. Who, Firefly and others.

Thursday was Day One for FantasyCon. Thanks to a good friend, I got stoked out with a free Thursday pass. Since I work within walking distance of the Con, I was able to sneak outta work early and head over.

The Highlight of the evening for me was the “Middle-Earth Kickoff”. This was a relaxed panel of over 20 people. The crew from theOneRing.net were all there along with a whole host of Dwarves. Dwalin, Balin, Gimli were only a few. It was really nice to hear them all speak about their experiences acting and working on LoTR. They were all in great spirits and were cracking jokes and clowning around a bit.




I only had a brief time to cruise the booths, but one artist in particular caught my eye. Justin Mayhew and his The Demons of Corrath art. I was surprised and happy to hear that his art is created right in Spanish Fork, Utah. I am definitely looking to pick up some of his artwork this weekend.

More updates later,


San Diego Comic Con and NerdCore Rap Show

Damn! I just might have to fly to San Diego in July.

Just to see some of my FAVORITE nerdcore rappers:


NerdTastic Ear-Splotion!

NerdTastic Ear-Splotion!



4th Annual Comic Con Nerd-a-thon

July 25 @ 8:00 PM – 11:55 PM

The 4th Annual Comic-Con Nerd-a-thon will be returning on Friday, July 25 at 8PM. Tiny Nightmare Productions will be hosting an evening of burlesque and live music at The Merrow in Hillcrest.

Devil’s Playground, an LA-based burlesque troupe, will be performing as the Star Wars Storm Trooper and Emperor’s Guard for the evening. There will also be musical performances by MC Frontalot, MC Lars, Schaffer the Dark Lord, Dr. Awkward, and Chamber Band. General admission tickets are available for $25, or a VIP/Balcony spot (with a free cocktail or draft beer) is available for $40.

The event is ages 21+, and tickets may be purchased through Brown Paper Tickets.

FNL Drinkablity Score

This is the spot for naucum to detail and explain the FNL Drinkablity Score for us.

Naucum — Could you please make us up a post?… Please!! Please with Rainbow Sherbert on top!! We’re all dying to know the deep analytical research that went into the creation of the “Drinkablity Score” and the research methods leveraged to obtain the drinkablity score of a game or a nerd convention or an FNL Adventure! What qualifies as a 2 Drinker and what qualifies at a 6 Drinker? Inquiring minds want to know.

Here’s the basic breakdown:

1/6 beers  = Needs lots of brain power and attention span. Lots of bits, rules, etc. Example: Terra Mystica
2/6 beers  = Risk Legacy ??
3/6 beers  = Dominion / Settlers of Catan
4/6 beers  = Wrath of Ashardalon (D&D Board Game)
5/6 beers  = Dungeon
6/6 beers  = Needs little brain power and less attention. You can basically play as long as you can add up to the number 13. Example: Zombie Dice



: ^ )


Free Comic Book Day, Saturday May 3rd, 2014 Salt Lake City

Like comic books? Know any kids that would like to get a free comic book with a trip to the local comic book shop?
Well your chance is coming up quickly! Free Comic Book Day is coming up in Salt Lake City!
This Saturday, May 3rd, 2014.  Shops will be giving away free editions of a variety of comic, everything from “Grimms Fairy Tales” to “Spongebob”.

Salt Lake City Free Comic Book Day  blackcatbanner1

This is a great chance to get out and visit your local comic book shops. In fact, I might try to make a day of this and visit the SLC shops I haven’t been to yet. FNL 2014 SLC Comics Shop Tour (and pub crawl…?)

Some of the cool stores participating in this are:

Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106
(801) 461-4228

Salt Lake City, Utah, Utah, 84047
(801) 352-2605


Salt Lake City, Utah, 84109
(801) 485-6114

West Valley City, Utah, 84119
(801) 964-4776

Salt Lake City, Utah, 84107
(801) 263-1940

Sandy, Utah, 84070
(801) 330-2068


Support your local comic book geeks!



Salt Lake Comic Con FanX Day 1

All of the FNL crew made it to the FanX, albeit at different times.

I went all three days and am proudly exhausted beyond rational thought. So, obviously, I should make a post.

I met my three favorite captains: Admiral Adama, Mal and Jean-Luc Picard. Yes…you read that last one correctly. Yes…I cried when I met him. And I can now check being called “dear” by an English knight off my bucket list. BOOM.

Day 1:
With FalseFlag

We arrived a little after noon when the con opened to the general public. We wandered around the general floor and bought a few art prints. I got a creepy ACEO of some deer/rabbit-headed creatures and a cute 8×10 watercolor print of a little Darth Vader. I’m especially jealous of the prints that FalseFlag purchased. He should edit this post later to include pics after this here colon:

In love with that artist.

We also got beer: Captain’s Lager. YES.

Then we decided to hit up a panel. One that interested us was “Religion and Sci-Fi.” I mean, we love Sci-Fi and the way religion is portrayed in the genre, so obviously we’d love this panel. Or….we’d awkwardly listen to seven Mormons and an Evangelical try to justify their devout religious beliefs with their passion for Sci-Fi.

Ok. Welp, onto the next panel: Boondock Saints. Can’t go wrong there! The panel consisted of Sean Patrick Flanery and Rocko. Holy hell it was funny. The dynamic of those two was comedy gold; Flanery was all amped up on his own awesomesauce and Rocko….was….just kind of Rocko. Man, he was strange. We heard some excellent stories about Norman Reedus and Christopher Walken from Flanery and would have heard some excellent stories from Rocko if he would have picked up a microphone more than occasionally instead of blankly staring at a couple hundred people wondering who the hell Mike was and why we were all shouting his name. Great panel, probably the best I saw.

Then the room filled up with Buffy fans and we went to the room next door for some BSG spoilers from Aaron Douglas, who played Chief. Douglas is pretty funny and very Canadian. He talked a lot about his interactions with other celebrities in the same way any one of us peasants would. He’s a total lovable nerd. We learned that in the boxing episode on BSG, The Chief and Adama were actually wailing on each other, and that Starbuck is actually a girly girl who would get upset over a ruined manicure. Kind of a good news/bad news chunk of information.

After that, the room cleared and we moved up to the third row for the Boba Fett panel featuring the old and the new Boba Fetts: Jeremy Bulloch (heh, Bulloch) and Daniel Logan. The panel was moderated by a guy I know, but he apparently doesn’t know me because he’s too busy interviewing celebrities to remember that we’ve met several times. Yet another reason I should be in Star Wars; the list continues. Anyway, this panel was cringe-mania. Logan is this young, energetic, kind of stoner-y, total bro from New Zealand and Bulloch is a classically trained English theater actor. This picture pretty much sums up the entire panel:

"Where was ah going wi' that?"

“Where was ah going wi’ that?”

Seriously, enlarge that and look at Bulloch’s face that says “What the hell happened?” It makes me laugh so hard. And then cry.

We went to the game area and perused some board games. I was interested in Tsuro of the Seas, since we like Tsuro so much. I was thisclose to buying a discounted Battlestar Gallactica game and having Aaron Douglas sign it, but I didn’t and am okay with that. FalseFlag bought Risk Legacy, which we have yet to play, but is currently sitting in my front room singing a siren song. So tempting.

This year I was determined to actually take photos of cosplayers, since last time I took my camera and never used it. I was proud of myself for asking people for photos….although looking back, they’re almost all of women. I guess I need to work up to talking to the men folk.

Those cheeks!

Those cheeks!

I loved this Kiki, not overdone and just perfect.

Gun purchased from ThinkGeek

Gun purchased from ThinkGeek

This Chell’s potato actually worked! I was like 5th in line to take a photo of her and she was obviously pretty damn sick of it by then, but I did it anyway! Haha! Take that introversion.

Who, me?

Who, me?

I liked this chick’s makeup, but she seemed suprised that I wanted her photo. I wish the conversation had actually gone like this:
“Hey, can I get a photo of your makeup?”
“No.” And I had put my camera down and walked away.

But, no, I took the damn picture. I still like it even if she didn’t.

After that we wandered around a bit more, saw a TARDIS, DeLorean, some mermaids and acrobats before heading to game night at my place. Overall a great first day.