DM, we love thee: A Po-ehem

Oh DM, we love thee!






DM how do we love thee?

Do we love thee like a pretty kitty?

Do we love thee like an attack of Opportunity?

Do we love thee like an undead Zombie?

Do we love thee like a river side shanty?

Do we love thee like a busty tavern lassie?

Do we love thee like a pug that’s Classy?


No! We love thee like a Natural 20!


Much Lerv,


(this post brought to you through the combined efforts of Coors, Left Hand Brewing’s Milk Stout and O’Dell’s 90 Shilling Ale) oh and a healthy dose of Optimus Rhyme.


This is even my final form

The facade nathanthefake has crumbled and is no more.

sed -r ‘s/nathanthefake/alcoholfueledmachine/g’ /*

FNL plays D&D

We livestreamed our D&D session on on Sunday, and I uploaded the raw videos to YouTube under our new FNL account! Come watch the FNL Crew punch mummies, smash things with giant clubs, and blast people in the face with Lance of Faith!

Warning: These videos are unedited, meaning they’re long, contain a bit of profane language (sorry), and at one point, everyone disappears for like 15 minutes. Also the first hour is basically Dungeons & Spreadsheets as we all level up our characters.

Edit: Yes, I know the audio is messed up and there’s some serious echoing going on. Turns out I had some audio recording settings wrong. We’ll take care of this before the next livestream.

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Relocation Swarm

In an effort to consolidate the FNL staff, I will be moving in with naucum and nathanthefake, putting three FNL contributors under the same roof. This is either a genius plan that will usher in the golden age of Friday Night Linux, or one of us will end up on fire (hint: probably me). We didn’t really put a whole lot of thought into this.

Maybe we should go 4-for-4 and wedge K-Dog in the garage or something. Wait, no, I want the garage. I bet I could fit my tent in there next to my motorcycle.

Also, I bought some new couches and a mattress. I feel like such an adult for buying furniture instead of a 6.5″ lift and 33″ tires for the XJ. Do you have any idea how excited I was for a new couch? Adulthood is weird.

In any case, I expect all the money we save to be directly applied to beer and board games (and a small TV for 24/7 Salty Bet coverage). Our livers shall pay for our arrogance.

Swarm relocation. Reload and begin again.