15mm dwarf minis from CopplestoneCastings.co.uk

So I’ve been adding more 15mm minis to my collection. One of these days I’ll actually get them organized into armies or squads and play some battles with other people.

I have been hesitant to order minis from “across the pond”. Part of this hesitation was the cost for shipping and the other concern was the time it would take for shipping to the USA. I finally decided to try some Dwarves from CopplesoneCastings.co.uk. I was pleasantly surprised on both accounts. At least with Copplestone. The order was processed in a day or two and the shipping was very reasonable. I received my order to my doorstep within about 2 weeks.

I ordered up a batch of 12 Dwarf Spearmen and a batch of 3 Snow Trolls. So far I am really impressed with the detail of the minis. I especially like the detail on the faces of the 15mm dwarves. It seems that faces seem to get basically ignored by some sculpters when creating 15mm minis.


15mm Dwarves from CopplestoneCastings



15mm Dwarves from CopplestoneCastings – based



So far I have only cleaned them and based them. In the future I will be base prepping them with Gesso and then letting my creative side take over from there. Since I got the Snow Trolls I am thinking of painting the Dwarves in a “northern/snow” theme also. I know that dwarves hate Goblins, and dwarves hate Orcs… but do they hate Trolls? I’ll think on it now and then paint on it later.


Here are the Snow Trolls that have inspired me to do a snow type Dwarf.

Copplestone Castings Snow Trolls

Copplestone Castings Snow Trolls

My thoughts are to do a blue-sliver chain mail with brown trousers. I think I’ll try some white fur on dwarf pants and cuffs. I’m also thinking of a pure white shield with a simple light blue stripe.

So with most all of my minis I usually prep them with a watered down Gesso base.

Here are the Ice Dwarfs behind the legion of Wolfen Swordsmen

Here are the Ice Dwarfs behind a squad of Wolfen Swordsmen

First stage of paint.

First stage of paint.


Ice Dwarfs - Eight

Ice Dwarfs – Eight

For the helmets and spear points I’m going to use a cool technique that I found with Chaos Warriors.  That is a base of metallic silver, coated with a wash of Army Painter Quickshades Blue.

Ice Dwarfs - Bottom wash with Quickshade Dark Tone

Ice Dwarfs – Bottom wash with Quickshade Dark Tone

Ice Dwarfs - Bottom wash 2

Ice Dwarfs – Bottom wash with Quickshade Dark Tone














Wee Ones for the Weekend from LoneGunmanGames.com

I know what I’m doing this weekend. I had hoped to have a batch of goblins to paint up.
That’s not happening, but thanks to the speedy service of James at LoneGunmanGames.com [Read more…]

Cheap lead bases for 15mm minis

So I’m cheap. If you don’t know this, well I am. Most of my clothes come from the thrift store. Not that being a Linux SysAdmin is a bad gig or anything, I just like to save money. And NO I am NOT a hipster.

So I have been playing around with 15mm miniatures lately.
I usually work with 25mm minis. I have mostly used the plastic Reaper Bones figures ( I’m cheap, right?). I have heard and read much about how people love their lead figures ( some of whom would Never by plastic).
The other week I picked up some 15mm lead figures off the internet. I opted to get a group of female warriors. I find that female table top gamers prefer to play with minis which are also female. Imagine that!  So I like these little gals, they are fun to paint, easy to clean and will work nicely with some game boards I am building.

Ok then, to the point (and the pictures). I noticed that these little minis had [Read more…]