Wee Ones for the Weekend from LoneGunmanGames.com

I know what I’m doing this weekend. I had hoped to have a batch of goblins to paint up.
That’s not happening, but thanks to the speedy service of James at LoneGunmanGames.com [Read more…]

Cheap lead bases for 15mm minis

So I’m cheap. If you don’t know this, well I am. Most of my clothes come from the thrift store. Not that being a Linux SysAdmin is a bad gig or anything, I just like to save money. And NO I am NOT a hipster.

So I have been playing around with 15mm miniatures lately.
I usually work with 25mm minis. I have mostly used the plastic Reaper Bones figures ( I’m cheap, right?). I have heard and read much about how people love their lead figures ( some of whom would Never by plastic).
The other week I picked up some 15mm lead figures off the internet. I opted to get a group of female warriors. I find that female table top gamers prefer to play with minis which are also female. Imagine that!  So I like these little gals, they are fun to paint, easy to clean and will work nicely with some game boards I am building.

Ok then, to the point (and the pictures). I noticed that these little minis had [Read more…]

Abstinence (Or: Replacing One Addiction With Another)

Recently I talked about my Doctor Who and Terraria addictions – you’ll be proud to know that I’m four days clean, with the exception of taking an hour to watch the latest Doctor Who episode (which I thought was alright, but The Internet vehemently disagrees with me). I’ve broken free of the cycle of abuse! I’m free!

…except I replaced both of those with new things.


“Let’s get re-chard-ed in here!”

Unfortunately, I missed the background noise that the Doctor and his companion(s) provided, and started watching Parks and Recreation again. Netflix said I’d stopped watching somewhere in Season 3, so that’s where I picked back up… and marathoned through the end of Season 6 (seriously, the S6 finale was beautiful, and I’m looking forward to the final season).

I also played a few hours of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance with some coworkers. If you haven’t played it, it’s worth checking out (SupCom and Forged Alliance are $20 on Steam) – it’s somewhere between StarCraft’s spacey combat and Rise of Nation’s giant map size. Fortunately, I am terrible at it, so I can’t marathon long sessions. Games also take like an hour or more, and frankly, I don’t have the patience to get my ass kicked non-stop for that long.


This was my actual battle strategy

And then a friend got me into World of Tanks, a massive online game about… well, tank combat. As it turns out, I am also bad at this – at one point, I drove my tank directly into the center of a lake and drowned. I’m not sure what I expected to happen – it turns out the lake is deep enough to submerge my tiny T1 Cunningham, and that T1 Cunningham tanks don’t have snorkels.


The making of a great post

True grace.. well trained.. *A good understanding of technique[…]but not standing out*. My most recent post is certainly this. Let’s go into the making of this amazing post and what made it great:

1. American Psycho underlying theme. Even acquisition was spelled wrong to match the typo in the movie.

2. Screenshots… IN GAME!

3. Frequent reboots from Linux to Windows to do things my minimal install can’t handle… Like resizing images, or exporting to jpeg from gimp. Windozes so lame! Nod to naucum for making the watermark in her functional GIMP install in Windows 8.1 (HISS!)

4. That jump was only my second try!


Yeah FNLINUX! F12 F12 F12 … I’ll bounce I have 160 HP! F12 F12 F12

unnamed (1)


unnamed (2)

171! What’s that underneath…a thanksgiving turkey?…oh nope just my vanity copper suit…. and my head. F12 F12 F12


*Credit to Anus/DeathMetal

The Doctor and The Digging

As previously mentioned, I tend to throw myself into TV shows and video games and marathon through things. I watched the entire reimagined series of Battlestar Galactica in a little over a week. I beat The Last of Us in three days.

Doctor-Donna friends!

Doctor-Donna friends!

And then I discovered Doctor Who. I latched onto the modern series and refused to let go. I watched all 7 seasons on Netflix in under a month, and then started again – and kept going. Usually, standard protocol is to watch an entire series without rest, restart it, and get bored before I’ve rewatched the first season (like I did most recently with BSG and Chuck), but not so with The Doctor – as I near the two month mark, I’m about to wrap up Season 7 for the second time. And after that ends and I’m caught up with Season 8, I’ll probably start again. Which I’m okay with – I’ll get to see Ninth Doctor with Rose again, and the Tenth Doctor with Donna (who might be my favorite companion).

This was all fine and dandy – what’s one unhealthy addiction to a fantastic British TV programme about a space-and-time traveling Doctor and his companion(s)? – until nathanthefake reintroduced me to Terraria.

A slightly less terrible house

A slightly less terrible house

You see, Terraria doesn’t have an end. I can’t marathon through it, beat the game in four days, and get on with my life. It’s a series of never ending digging and building terrible houses and more digging and fighting bosses and more digging and building incrementally less terrible houses and oh god it’s 2am why am i still digging. The last time I played, I sank 44 hours into it over the course of several weeks before burning out, uninstalling it, and swearing I’d never play it again. And then, five days and 12 hours of Terraria later, I’ve got two characters, each slaying zombies and strip-mining their own worlds.

But dealing with two addictions is new, much less two addictive things that I can do at the same time. At 8:30am this morning, I found myself with Terraria on one screen and S7E11 (Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) on the other.

Dig dig dig, oh hey the TARDIS is exploding

Dig dig dig, oh hey the TARDIS is exploding

I have a problem.

Well… two problems.

In celebration of our recent merger and acquisiton with FNLinux.com

For our latest Murder and Execution, ummm Merger and Aquisition Acquisition of FNLinux, I jumped really high in Terraria:



Look at that subtle off-white coloring; the tasteful thickness of it… Oh my God, it even has a watermark!

Gravwell Review (a.k.a. Naucum returns with a new review style)

Gravwell. It’s gorgeous. Look at it….LOOK:



Obviously I was instantly enamored with this game and its purty mouf. But beyond that: it’s easy to play, difficult to master and damn fun too.

Movement is based on gravity, or whichever ship is closest to you, and order of play is based on the alphabetical order of cards containing chemical element abbreviations. The science nods along with an aesthetic board made me feel all complete and shit.

Gravwell, as with most multi-player games, became more fun with more players. We started with two players, FalseFlag and nathanthefake, then to four players: one half game with my 8 year old (kids love it too!) and one full game with another grown-ass woman (this game will get you laid!) It was quickly discovered how unpredictable a first go is. I went from being in last position the entire game to winning. Bonzai, bitches. I assume that the possibility of mastering a strategy of this sucker exists, but I have no idea how. It kind of had the feel of poker, you know, like when you’re certain that your King high hand is going to win, and for some reason it doesn’t???? WTF royal flush???

Overall the initial high I experienced upon seeing this game did not diminish after playing it and I look forward to playing again.

GenCon 2014: Recap

I got shipped to Indianapolis for three weeks on a work trip. In case you are unaware, Indiana is world famous for two things: pork tenderloin sandwiches and GenCon. And basketball and Bobby Knight and that Hoosiers movie and Timothy McVeigh was executed in Terre Haute BUT LET’S TALK ABOUT GENCON.

What is GenCon, you ask? Did… did you not read the link? It’s like… right there. Anyway, it’s a four day gaming convention taking up the entire Indianapolis Convention Center plus the conference/event halls in nearby hotels. Most of the events revolve around actual gaming, whether it’s CCG tournaments or D&D/Pathfinder or just pick-up tabletop games. It’s… big.

I didn’t take any pictures (except for one of a My Little Pony CCG standup that I sent to naucum, thinking it’d be funny – except she already knew about it) or attend any panels. What I did do was wander around the gargantuan vendor hall and spend my hard earned cash on two Little Guardians books and Gravwell by Cryptozoic Games. I imagine an Official FNL Review of Gravwell will be coming soon, after I get back from The Wastelands Indiana, but here’s my brief review: I dragged another player from first place to dead last and it was hilarious.

I also ate at a food truck.

I like my coffee black just like my metal

Steam Summer Sale

Ah, yes. The time is upon us when I get repeated “low balance” notices from my bank because I’m buying everything that looks mildly interesting on the Steam Summer Sale. Thus far, I’ve picked up:

Age of Empires II: HD Edition
Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition
Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition
Battleblock Theater
Darksiders II
Goat Simulator
Kerbal Space Program
Mirror’s Edge
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
Surgeon Simulator 2013
The Walking Dead: Season 2
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War – Dark Crusade
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War – Soulstorm
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War – Winter Assault
World of Goo

I think I have a problem (and that problem is there needs to be more money in my bank account).

Edited Jun 29 2014 to reflect additional purchases.

Eggs and Robbers!!

FNLinux.com, the Official Website for the new hit dice game “Eggs And Robbers”!

NOTE TO FELLOW FNL’lings- please feel free to Edit this to add your thoughts and variations:
Story Setup:

You are walking through the dangerous forest, collecting Valuable eggs. You must collect 12 of them. Beware the Robber and the Sneak(pickpocket). The Robber will attack you and if you don’t have your shield up, he cuts one of your hands. You only have 2 hands. If BOTH of your hands get cut by the Robber, then you <drop your basket of eggs> and lose half of them.
There is no protection against the Sneaks, for a Sneak is Sneaky. The Sneaks will steal (pickpocket) any eggs you have JUST FOUND (just rolled) this dice roll.

Be the first of your friends to get a dozen eggs.

Name: RobberDice or MuggerDice or… (something without dice in the name)..
Variations: RD – Pirates!, RD – Mideval, RD – Space, RD – Noir, RD – City, RD – Country
FNL Drinkablity score = 6/6 = this should be a simple, fun game, which you can play smashed.

1- robber die D6. 2side=1 sword, 2side=2 sword, 2side=0 sword

player dice (how many?). sides: coin(1or2coins per side), pickpocket/cutpurse(dagger?), anti-robber(Shield)




Variation 1:
Roll 3 player dice. Goal=get coins. pickpocket/cutpurse steals/negates any coins you have rolled.
Robber(sword(s)):2 swords=end turn (either additive or just when you get 2X. or maybe if you roll 1X robbersword and you also roll 1x antirobberShield then the robber is cancelled?
–end turn on:
1) roll 2X robber at once.
2) roll 1X robber dice and then roll another 1x robber dice(this would entail having to keep track of how many robs you have…


-Roll 3 player dice. Goal=get coins. pickpocket steals/negates ANY coins you have accumulated so far.
-when you get 2 robber swords (either total or at once) you loose Half of the coins you have accumulated. Robbers don’t give change, so round down, i.e. 7 * .5 = 3 (not 3.5) –This is the incentive to calculate the risk you are taking by continuing.
– possibly, change the robber dice to only have 0 or 1 sword on them- that way you have a bit more chance of continuing to play (but I don’t want it to look like URB’s game)


More Notes from July:

dice containers: Plastic easter eggs. An egg in a basket (to strengthen the theme of the basket being dropped when attacked twice.). a cardboard egg shaped box (3-4 inches across and 6 inches deep. a chicken shaped standing cardboard box (3d chicken 6-8inches tall, split in the middle along the horizontal plane with dice and rules inside of it.

story: you are walking through the dangerous forest, collecting Valuable eggs. You must collect 12 of them. Robber, pickpocket,

END Egg: On one side of the Robber Die is the “END Egg”. The end egg symbol should be two halves of a broken egg. Possibly with the word END written in between them. This indicates that you have dropped an egg and your turn is now over. Pass the dice to the left.

Why does 2 sword attacks mean drop half your eggs? you have 2 hands. when you get attacked 1x you get hit in 1 hand. you still have 1 arm to hold the basket and shield. if you get sworded 2x them both of your hands are hit and you drop the basket, losing 1/2 of your eggs.

Symbols: robber=(sword),  pickpocket/sneak?=hand in a pinching form or hand in an OK form

Inspiring Album on this Friday Morning Linux update from work: Carcass: Necroticism – Descanting The Insalubrious
It’s better than English Breakfast Tea!