FNL Drinkablity Score

This is the spot for naucum to detail and explain the FNL Drinkablity Score for us.

Naucum — Could you please make us up a post?… Please!! Please with Rainbow Sherbert on top!! We’re all dying to know the deep analytical research that went into the creation of the “Drinkablity Score” and the research methods leveraged to obtain the drinkablity score of a game or a nerd convention or an FNL Adventure! What qualifies as a 2 Drinker and what qualifies at a 6 Drinker? Inquiring minds want to know.

Here’s the basic breakdown:

1/6 beers  = Needs lots of brain power and attention span. Lots of bits, rules, etc. Example: Terra Mystica
2/6 beers  = Risk Legacy ??
3/6 beers  = Dominion / Settlers of Catan
4/6 beers  = Wrath of Ashardalon (D&D Board Game)
5/6 beers  = Dungeon
6/6 beers  = Needs little brain power and less attention. You can basically play as long as you can add up to the number 13. Example: Zombie Dice



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GETSOME! Card Game Kickstarter


You are now an official backer of “GETSOME: A naughty card game for normal people.”
As of Saturday, May 10, 2014 at 22:19 MST the Kickstarter Stats are at:
320 backers  ||  $19,255 pledged of $20,000 goal  ||  23 hours to go

So I ran into this Kickstarter today for a game called “GETSOME: A naughty card game for normal people”. It sounded like a fun/funny title,  so I checked it out over at the GetSome Kickstarter Page. It is a card game, full of laughs and ridiculous-ness. The goal is to “Get Some”, or rather – get more than your friends Get. This is a light-hearted competitive card game for friends who don’t take much to seriously. Sounds perfect for the FNL crew of gamers.


The main GETSOME Card.  


A GETSOME Action Card

Here are some of the sample cards. Basically the goal is to accumulate Notches in your bed’s headboard through encounters. While you are playing your hand, your opponents try to block you from scoring (yes, pun intended) by playing cards on you such as STD, Preggos, etc. I thought it was such a funny concept and with less than 24 hours and $700 to go I went ahead and pledged them some cash. Check out The Cards Here.

 I am guessing the FNL Drinkability Score will be pretty high on this one!

      Perhaps they will reach their goal and the FNL game crew will have yet another fun game to drink to.

##Music: mc chris006 and Japanese Maid

Work In Progress – Dungeon Tiles

So we play the D&D Wrath of Ashardalon board game. It’s a fun cooperative game which is light on back story but heavy on combat. I have been messing around trying to build small things out of foam. The regular, house insulating kind. This is where I’ll post some pictures and reports.
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Sometimes you roll the dice and…

bids@ebay.com: EBAY:  YOU WON: D&D Players Handbooks 1 & 2

I was cruising ebay looking at DnD miniatures and books and such one night last week. I came across this 2 book set listed for cheap. So, on a whim I put in my max bid of $30 and went to bed. Didn’t figure I would win, but thought “what the heck”. I checked in later the next day and Surprise! – I won the bid. That’s 2 books for 1/2 price. Yeah.
Your Nerd Intelligence Score has increased by +1.

FridayNightLinux.com DnD-PH1-2

FridayNightLinux.com DnD-PH1-2

Soon I’ll have the newer 4th Edition DnD Handbook 1 & and Handbook 2.

Perhaps I’ll review them in the future.


Wizards of the Coast- D&D Character Test

What type of D&D Character are you?
Play this test a couple of times to see what might be of interest to you:

D&D Home PageWhat Class Are You?Build A CharacterD&D Compendium

BoardGamer Rewards from Game Night Games in SLC


Yeah! I finally got my first payout from my Customer Loyalty account with Game Night Games in SLC!! Not only do I get to enjoy hours of fun with my friends, but I also get back a small percent of of the money I’ve spent on games, miniatures,  dice and paints at Game Night Games.

If only I could get back a percent of the money I’ve spent on beer for FNL game nights. Sigh…

Here’s my first reward letter:

Dear Kevin,

Game Gold is our way of thanking you for shopping with us. Your Game Gold Reward is equal to 5 percent of your game-related purchases with us for the previous quarter of the year (i.e. items purchased January 1 – March 31, 2014, excluding food/drink and event registration fees). To redeem your Game Gold on your next in-store purchase, tell us what your customer number is when you check out and we’ll look up the amount of your reward. If you don’t know your customer number, it’s “666not-really”. We can also look up your customer number and Game Gold amount for you by your first and last name at the register. You do not need to bring a printout of this email with you as we have your Game Gold amount for Q1 2014 on record in-store at the front desk. You have until June 30, 2014 to spend your Game Gold and it must be used on a single purchase.

Game Gold Amount:

$ CashMoneyBaby!!

Customer Rewards Card       
Game Night Games 2148 South 900 East, Suite 2, Salt Lake City, UT 84106
Phone: 801.467.2400
Please contact us if you have any questions. We really, really appreciate your friendship and your business. Let us know how we can make your experience in the store more fun!!!

Cthulhu Fluxx Review

Cthulhu Fluxx



Age: 7+
Depending on the child’s person’s ability to pay attention to constantly changing rules.
Some minor math: if you can count to 6, you’re good.

Players: 2-6
We played with 3 and it felt balanced.

Time: 10-40 mins
Time is variable due to rules and goals changing.

Drinkability: 2/6 beers
Kind of need to pay attention. Even sober, many rules and goals get overlooked.

Overall Score: 4/7 days
I’d play this four times a week.

This is the second Fluxx game we’ve played, after playing the original a few months ago. We discovered that the fun in this game is dependent upon the attitude of the other players. Imagine that.

The Cthulhu version adds some elements like doom and ungoals. The doom elements are to be avoided…except when the standing conditions say otherwise. The ungoals are also to be avoided…except when the standing conditions behoove you to achieve them. I’m sensing a theme.




Fluxx is a relatively quick game to learn and play. There was minimal arguing over rules, because they’re clearly stated on the cards themselves. The rulebook is pretty damn helpful as well. They include an FAQ which came in handy a couple times.

To begin, everyone is dealt three cards. If any of the three cards you receive contain a creep, you lay it down in front of you and draw another card. Repeat until everyone is holding three non-creep cards. You decide who goes first. There’s no need to figure out who planted something most recently.  On your turn draw one card and play one card…unless the standing conditions say otherwise (SEE?!) The goal of the game is determined by the standing goal card. Fluxx Cthulhu also has ungoals which replace the goal…unless the standing omgwegetit. Moving on. The ungoal is a set of winning conditions for the game itself to win and everyone else to stare blankly at the table, silently re-read the rules and accept the situation before gathering up the cards for a re-shuffle.

The pace of the game is fast, since each turn is fairly concise.  There’s not much skill to the game, a lot of it has to do with luck and proper attention (see drinkability score.) However, some skill can come into play once you’ve played a couple times and know what cards might appear.

The game also has a meta rule, which I highly recommend playing. It makes it so that even when the game wins, another person has a shot at winning. I, personally, feel that the game should only win if it’s a co-operative game. If it’s everyone for themselves and the game still wins? Well that’s just bullshit.


Overall, we had fun with this game. We enjoyed the Lovecraft references and the constant changes. Cthulhu Fluxx adds some dynamic to the regular Fluxx game. While it is a little more confusing at times, I feel that it adds a lot more fun.