Are we back?

Are we back online? I think we’re back online.

Sorry for the hiatus! I have no idea why we went offline or why we came back, but we’re back!

I think.

All I hear is ‘blah blah blah’…

I saw naucum had modified a post due to comments being disabled, so I figure I’d clarify how FNL handles comments:

We use Askimet to weed out junk comments and disable commenting on posts more than 14 days old. So if you’ve got something to say (even if it’s a one character comment *cough cough falseflag*), you’ve got two weeks to say it.

We also have a moderation queue for spammy-looking comments – the admin (hello!) gets emailed about comments requiring approval.

New Site:

After falseflag decided to spam our beloved nerd site with pictures of his XJ and Street Triple instead of talking about important things, like board games and his inability to distinguish between AND and OR operators, we’ve decided to embrace his insanity by launching a new site.

Behold! is born!

We’ve copied over all his vehicular posts, and hopefully he’ll be adding new content soon.

New URL:

Good news, everyone!

I’ve registered, which mirrors Same great content with a shorter URL (that also conveniently matches our Twitter account)!

Now if only we can get falseflag to post nerd news instead of trying to turn this site into Friday Night Motorsports.

Ignorance is bliss

This site’s been running since April 2 with the same theme, and I just now noticed that the title and subtitle aren’t aligned. This annoys me. Not enough to do anything about it, but now I can’t stop seeing it.

Friday Night Linux: now with Twitter!

Hey folks, admin here. Just wanted to let you know that we have a twitter account! Follow @fnlinux for site updates, random pictures from board game nights, and other shenanigans.

Hey, Farva – what’s the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?

Sh!t- Where’d my “Quick-Draft” go to?

Lost. Forever. That’s where.

1- Start a new Quick Draft.
2- Rant about the bash shell.
3- Click Save Draft.
4- Loose draft to the vortex which is the internet bit bucket.
5- Repeat.
6- Curse.
7- Google.

Apparently this is a bug which has appeared in the last few days when some people have been using v.3.8.x

More sadness details here:

How’myGonna add to:

Thought I’d give, y’all a heads up.


Wait, we’re live?