Demon’s Souls.

Yet another item not on my original list:

Demon’s Souls will replace Dark Souls 2 on my list.   I can’t believe I BEAT IT! I only died 51,483 times.


  • Class:  Solider
  • Level: 71
  • Weapon: +4 Crushing Battle Axe (I couldn’t find a Pure Greystone, alright!)
  • Strategy:  Lots of Warding and Old Spice.


After thoughts:

Do I like it more than Dark Souls?  Maybe.  Both have similar gameplay, fun levels, interesting enemies, and great bosses.  World 5 was the only area that was lacking, and I saw it as a proto-Blightown.   Will I NG+?  Probably not, too many other things worth doing.   And I have 100k souls I don’t want to lose!   Just like all the other souls games, worth it!  So go play’em.







Yay Linux! Using tar to pull and compress a directory from a remote server

#### Using tar to pull and compress a directory on a remote server. ####

I have a remote server which has /u01 and /u02 mount points on it. This server keeps dying before the night DBA can get into it to grab files for a rebuild.

I wanted to pull down both the /u01 and /u02 directories, to preserve them. I initially used rsync for it’s “restartable” characteristics. This didn’t do what I wanted as far as preserving permissions, so I decided to use the tar utility. The remote server does not have enough free space on it to create the tar and then copy it off. So I used tar and ssh to compress, pull down and create the tar.gz on my local machine.

After looking around and finding a bunch of to complicated solutions, I came upon a simpler command string.

So this is what I did.
(Kev, remember this as it is useful!)


ssh root@srv03 ‘tar cvfz – /u01’ > /kftmp/srv03_u01/srv03_u01.tgz


Since the was a directory that my regular use does not have full access to I did have to enable root ssh. This was disabled right after the transfer.

I ended up with a tar gz file on my local system which, while owned by me, had preserved the file ownership and permissions of the original /u01 file system.

root@SoftKitty:/kftmp# ls -lh srv03_u01/
total 396M
-rw-rw-r– 1 kfitzgerald kfitzgerald 395M Aug 3 17:38 srv03_u01.tgz

Yay Linux!
K-Dog. The_Kev

Thursdays 05 Feb 2015 Games — Cancelled!


The 2015 Challenges and their Exceptions

1. No black in wardrobe. Exceptions are functional clothes (gloves, Laphroaig hat, winter needs), events where black is expected, swimsuit, underwear, jammies. Black in wardrobe outside the exceptions shall be reported.

Your man sporting black all the time, no flavors:

2. No use of Microsoft OS’s. Exceptions being Work, Diablo-Tuesdays, troubleshooting others’ machines, and if my Linux partition explodes. Windows use outside the exceptions shall be reported.

Current Chrome Tabs:

Opeth – Demon of the Fall, Gmail, Exceptions search, Kool Keith – Haters, Laphroaig, Temple Garments, Exceptions search (again)

Eggs and Robbers!!, the Official Website for the new hit dice game “Eggs And Robbers”!

NOTE TO FELLOW FNL’lings- please feel free to Edit this to add your thoughts and variations:
Story Setup:

You are walking through the dangerous forest, collecting Valuable eggs. You must collect 12 of them. Beware the Robber and the Sneak(pickpocket). The Robber will attack you and if you don’t have your shield up, he cuts one of your hands. You only have 2 hands. If BOTH of your hands get cut by the Robber, then you <drop your basket of eggs> and lose half of them.
There is no protection against the Sneaks, for a Sneak is Sneaky. The Sneaks will steal (pickpocket) any eggs you have JUST FOUND (just rolled) this dice roll.

Be the first of your friends to get a dozen eggs.

Name: RobberDice or MuggerDice or… (something without dice in the name)..
Variations: RD – Pirates!, RD – Mideval, RD – Space, RD – Noir, RD – City, RD – Country
FNL Drinkablity score = 6/6 = this should be a simple, fun game, which you can play smashed.

1- robber die D6. 2side=1 sword, 2side=2 sword, 2side=0 sword

player dice (how many?). sides: coin(1or2coins per side), pickpocket/cutpurse(dagger?), anti-robber(Shield)




Variation 1:
Roll 3 player dice. Goal=get coins. pickpocket/cutpurse steals/negates any coins you have rolled.
Robber(sword(s)):2 swords=end turn (either additive or just when you get 2X. or maybe if you roll 1X robbersword and you also roll 1x antirobberShield then the robber is cancelled?
–end turn on:
1) roll 2X robber at once.
2) roll 1X robber dice and then roll another 1x robber dice(this would entail having to keep track of how many robs you have…


-Roll 3 player dice. Goal=get coins. pickpocket steals/negates ANY coins you have accumulated so far.
-when you get 2 robber swords (either total or at once) you loose Half of the coins you have accumulated. Robbers don’t give change, so round down, i.e. 7 * .5 = 3 (not 3.5) –This is the incentive to calculate the risk you are taking by continuing.
– possibly, change the robber dice to only have 0 or 1 sword on them- that way you have a bit more chance of continuing to play (but I don’t want it to look like URB’s game)


More Notes from July:

dice containers: Plastic easter eggs. An egg in a basket (to strengthen the theme of the basket being dropped when attacked twice.). a cardboard egg shaped box (3-4 inches across and 6 inches deep. a chicken shaped standing cardboard box (3d chicken 6-8inches tall, split in the middle along the horizontal plane with dice and rules inside of it.

story: you are walking through the dangerous forest, collecting Valuable eggs. You must collect 12 of them. Robber, pickpocket,

END Egg: On one side of the Robber Die is the “END Egg”. The end egg symbol should be two halves of a broken egg. Possibly with the word END written in between them. This indicates that you have dropped an egg and your turn is now over. Pass the dice to the left.

Why does 2 sword attacks mean drop half your eggs? you have 2 hands. when you get attacked 1x you get hit in 1 hand. you still have 1 arm to hold the basket and shield. if you get sworded 2x them both of your hands are hit and you drop the basket, losing 1/2 of your eggs.

Symbols: robber=(sword),  pickpocket/sneak?=hand in a pinching form or hand in an OK form

Inspiring Album on this Friday Morning Linux update from work: Carcass: Necroticism – Descanting The Insalubrious
It’s better than English Breakfast Tea!


Yeah! Surprise gift!

Check it out. A friend of mine scored this through work and gifted it to me.

Can’t wait!


FNL Drinkablity Score

This is the spot for naucum to detail and explain the FNL Drinkablity Score for us.

Naucum — Could you please make us up a post?… Please!! Please with Rainbow Sherbert on top!! We’re all dying to know the deep analytical research that went into the creation of the “Drinkablity Score” and the research methods leveraged to obtain the drinkablity score of a game or a nerd convention or an FNL Adventure! What qualifies as a 2 Drinker and what qualifies at a 6 Drinker? Inquiring minds want to know.

Here’s the basic breakdown:

1/6 beers  = Needs lots of brain power and attention span. Lots of bits, rules, etc. Example: Terra Mystica
2/6 beers  = Risk Legacy ??
3/6 beers  = Dominion / Settlers of Catan
4/6 beers  = Wrath of Ashardalon (D&D Board Game)
5/6 beers  = Dungeon
6/6 beers  = Needs little brain power and less attention. You can basically play as long as you can add up to the number 13. Example: Zombie Dice



: ^ )


Forward Slash

Forward Slash: Def: the mark which you make by putting a pencil tip on paper and then moving it Forward and Up. Example:  /

Free Comic Book Day, Saturday May 3rd, 2014 Salt Lake City

Like comic books? Know any kids that would like to get a free comic book with a trip to the local comic book shop?
Well your chance is coming up quickly! Free Comic Book Day is coming up in Salt Lake City!
This Saturday, May 3rd, 2014.  Shops will be giving away free editions of a variety of comic, everything from “Grimms Fairy Tales” to “Spongebob”.

Salt Lake City Free Comic Book Day  blackcatbanner1

This is a great chance to get out and visit your local comic book shops. In fact, I might try to make a day of this and visit the SLC shops I haven’t been to yet. FNL 2014 SLC Comics Shop Tour (and pub crawl…?)

Some of the cool stores participating in this are:

Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106
(801) 461-4228

Salt Lake City, Utah, Utah, 84047
(801) 352-2605


Salt Lake City, Utah, 84109
(801) 485-6114

West Valley City, Utah, 84119
(801) 964-4776

Salt Lake City, Utah, 84107
(801) 263-1940

Sandy, Utah, 84070
(801) 330-2068


Support your local comic book geeks!