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Thursdays 05 Feb 2015 Games — Cancelled!


Games and Book for 2015: Participation required

FNL Crew:

What are your Books and Games 2015?

Here is mine.


Baldurs Gate 2 – Linux
Dark Souls 2 – PS3
Borderland Pre-Sequel – PS3
Final Fantasy 7 Replay – Round 3 – PS1
Bastion – Linux
Shadowrun Returns – Linux
System Shock 2 – Linux
Diablo 2(sday) – Linux
Ratchet and Clank – All 4 One – Ps3


The Great Hunt
The Dragon Reborn
The Variable Man
Neverending Story
—–If I get real cray.
Gardens of the Moon

15mm dwarf minis from

So I’ve been adding more 15mm minis to my collection. One of these days I’ll actually get them organized into armies or squads and play some battles with other people.

I have been hesitant to order minis from “across the pond”. Part of this hesitation was the cost for shipping and the other concern was the time it would take for shipping to the USA. I finally decided to try some Dwarves from I was pleasantly surprised on both accounts. At least with Copplestone. The order was processed in a day or two and the shipping was very reasonable. I received my order to my doorstep within about 2 weeks.

I ordered up a batch of 12 Dwarf Spearmen and a batch of 3 Snow Trolls. So far I am really impressed with the detail of the minis. I especially like the detail on the faces of the 15mm dwarves. It seems that faces seem to get basically ignored by some sculpters when creating 15mm minis.

15mm Dwarves from CopplestoneCastings

15mm Dwarves from CopplestoneCastings – based



So far I have only cleaned them and based them. In the future I will be base prepping them with Gesso and then letting my creative side take over from there. Since I got the Snow Trolls I am thinking of painting the Dwarves in a “northern/snow” theme also. I know that dwarves hate Goblins, and dwarves hate Orcs… but do they hate Trolls? I’ll think on it now and then paint on it later.


Here are the Snow Trolls that have inspired me to do a snow type Dwarf.

Copplestone Castings Snow Trolls

Copplestone Castings Snow Trolls

My thoughts are to do a blue-sliver chain mail with brown trousers. I think I’ll try some white fur on dwarf pants and cuffs. I’m also thinking of a pure white shield with a simple light blue stripe.

So with most all of my minis I usually prep them with a watered down Gesso base.

Here are the Ice Dwarfs behind the legion of Wolfen Swordsmen

Here are the Ice Dwarfs behind a squad of Wolfen Swordsmen

First stage of paint.

First stage of paint.


Ice Dwarfs - Eight

Ice Dwarfs – Eight

For the helmets and spear points I’m going to use a cool technique that I found with Chaos Warriors.  That is a base of metallic silver, coated with a wash of Army Painter Quickshades Blue.

Ice Dwarfs - Bottom wash with Quickshade Dark Tone

Ice Dwarfs – Bottom wash with Quickshade Dark Tone

Ice Dwarfs - Bottom wash 2

Ice Dwarfs – Bottom wash with Quickshade Dark Tone














All I hear is ‘blah blah blah’…

I saw naucum had modified a post due to comments being disabled, so I figure I’d clarify how FNL handles comments:

We use Askimet to weed out junk comments and disable commenting on posts more than 14 days old. So if you’ve got something to say (even if it’s a one character comment *cough cough falseflag*), you’ve got two weeks to say it.

We also have a moderation queue for spammy-looking comments – the admin (hello!) gets emailed about comments requiring approval.


An incident has occurred and will be documented for yearly review.

No Use of Windows OSs. See for further details



NathantheFake spend hours in Windows 7 outside the allowable uses in the terms of agreement. The majority of this time was trying to play a game known of League of Legends hereby referred to as “LOL”. However the majority of the time was updating Windows 7 to Windows 7 Sp1, then IE to 11 to enable “LOL” login. Upon playing “LOL” nathanthefake’s shitty ass computer reached 100C within 8 minutes causing an immediate shutdown.

Linux was quite upset with this violation and responded accordingly.


Due to only lasting 15 days for a yearly challenge, the punishment must be swift and firm. Nathanthefake’s windows partition has been DELETED.

Nathanthefakes Linux partition gained a new mount of 249G:

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda5 21G 17G 2.8G 86% /
udev 2.9G 4.0K 2.9G 1% /dev
tmpfs 585M 940K 584M 1% /run
none 5.0M 0 5.0M 0% /run/lock
none 2.9G 27M 2.9G 1% /run/shm
/dev/sda2 268G 5.0G 249G 2% /disk1

Now Downloading:
Shadowrun Returns
Left 4 Dead 2
Dota 2
World of Goo
Shovel Knight

Relocation Swarm

In an effort to consolidate the FNL staff, I will be moving in with naucum and nathanthefake, putting three FNL contributors under the same roof. This is either a genius plan that will usher in the golden age of Friday Night Linux, or one of us will end up on fire (hint: probably me). We didn’t really put a whole lot of thought into this.

Maybe we should go 4-for-4 and wedge K-Dog in the garage or something. Wait, no, I want the garage. I bet I could fit my tent in there next to my motorcycle.

Also, I bought some new couches and a mattress. I feel like such an adult for buying furniture instead of a 6.5″ lift and 33″ tires for the XJ. Do you have any idea how excited I was for a new couch? Adulthood is weird.

In any case, I expect all the money we save to be directly applied to beer and board games (and a small TV for 24/7 Salty Bet coverage). Our livers shall pay for our arrogance.

Swarm relocation. Reload and begin again.

2015 Spotify Stats

Can’t seem to share the whole page, but here are the highlights.


The 2015 Challenges and their Exceptions

1. No black in wardrobe. Exceptions are functional clothes (gloves, Laphroaig hat, winter needs), events where black is expected, swimsuit, underwear, jammies. Black in wardrobe outside the exceptions shall be reported.

Your man sporting black all the time, no flavors:

2. No use of Microsoft OS’s. Exceptions being Work, Diablo-Tuesdays, troubleshooting others’ machines, and if my Linux partition explodes. Windows use outside the exceptions shall be reported.

Current Chrome Tabs:

Opeth – Demon of the Fall, Gmail, Exceptions search, Kool Keith – Haters, Laphroaig, Temple Garments, Exceptions search (again)

Friday Night Linux – The Website About Thursday Night Gaming

Well how about Tuesday Night Linux Gaming! OH SHIT.

Hearts to Steam. Death to Wine Gaming.