GenCon 2014: Recap

I got shipped to Indianapolis for three weeks on a work trip. In case you are unaware, Indiana is world famous for two things: pork tenderloin sandwiches and GenCon. And basketball and Bobby Knight and that Hoosiers movie and Timothy McVeigh was executed in Terre Haute BUT LET’S TALK ABOUT GENCON.

What is GenCon, you ask? Did… did you not read the link? It’s like… right there. Anyway, it’s a four day gaming convention taking up the entire Indianapolis Convention Center plus the conference/event halls in nearby hotels. Most of the events revolve around actual gaming, whether it’s CCG tournaments or D&D/Pathfinder or just pick-up tabletop games. It’s… big.

I didn’t take any pictures (except for one of a My Little Pony CCG standup that I sent to naucum, thinking it’d be funny – except she already knew about it) or attend any panels. What I did do was wander around the gargantuan vendor hall and spend my hard earned cash on two Little Guardians books and Gravwell by Cryptozoic Games. I imagine an Official FNL Review of Gravwell will be coming soon, after I get back from The Wastelands Indiana, but here’s my brief review: I dragged another player from first place to dead last and it was hilarious.

I also ate at a food truck.

I like my coffee black just like my metal